It still amazes me every day that something we started without any grand expectations became such a globally respected brand and took us on such an amazing adventure in life. Very grateful to everyone involved in the last 10 years. Here’s to the next 10!" - Voytek Korab, MFR

Jared Simms  and Voytek Korab are two Canadian DJ/producers who are known as My Favorite Robot who have molded the electronic music scene by delivering their unique style-of-sound capturing fans globally. The duo celebrates 10 years of their label, and success as artists, and discusses the beginning and future of My Favorite Robot.

My Favorite Robot Records is celebrating its 10-year anniversary with a label showcase tour throughout 2018, Congratulations! Could you take us on an inside look on the past decade as a label? 

“It’s definitely been quite the ride. We started the label without any grand expectations and certainly unaware it would take us this far. It’s also grown really naturally which we’re very proud of. We started it working with just a small circle of fellow musician friends and in the span of a few years, we have managed to work with many artists that we were originally just big fans of so it’s great to see the reach and respect the label has gotten over this first decade. We also just joined the K7! Ranks for distribution so we’re very excited about that milestone. We hope to continue like this for another ten!”

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When did each you first discover electronic music? 

“Both of us hail from Montreal so it’s the rave scene of the early-mid 90’s that got us hooked. Montreal had a great rave scene in those days so every weekend was always a new discovery. Much of the credit has to go to Tiga who along with a few others was at the forefront of the scene in those days and really introduced many of us to electronic music.”

 Who were your early influences? 

“In electronic music, Tiga, DJ Hell, Richie Hawtin, Jori Hulkkonen and Timo Maas would be some of the names in those early days although most of our influences come from outside of the electronic music genre.”

Over a decade of releasing incredible singles and albums on My Favorite Robot label as well as signing on some unbelievable talent. Making some tracks classical favorites such as Not Progress, Forest Fires, and Think Anymore.

What are your top 5 favorite releases on the label? 

“It’s hard to pick 5 top ones as we really have so much great music on the label.  The milestones were definitely Jori Hulkkonen’s albums that we were very honored to release as well as Fairmont and Tim Paris’ full-lengths that were just incredible works of art and truly timeless pieces of music.”

Your new track 'MILD PERIL’ will be released next month [MAY 4th], what’s the story behind the track? 

“We were doing the track for a friend’s label and decided to make something a little different from the usual MFR sound so we ended up taking this one towards a more groovy direction than we would normally.  It turned out pretty cool and definitely not the usual MFR darker style.”

What’s the inspiration behind ‘Pink Horror’? 

“The riff is a bit of a throwback to the 80’s as we like to do and the vocal is a bit of a release of frustration about love, relationships and oneself and wanting some magic to put an end to the stagnation of daily life.  Just a fed up of the same old shit kind of rant, haha.”

What city are you most looking forward to performing at on your tour? 

“We’ve had some great ones already in Zurich and Beirut and in Mexico at KinKin and Topaz Deluxe. All of those were awesome shows and we’re looking forward to Brooklyn at Good Room, Miami at Secret Garden and Playa Del Carmen in the coming days.”

On Friday, April 27th Brooklyn newest hotspot Good Room will host MFR and will be joined by Ivan Smagghe and Toronto native Fairmont aka Jake Fairley. TICKETS ARE STILL AVAILABLE!  

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When on tour what food do you try to eat the most? 

“We always try to eat the local cuisine of wherever we are in the world. Especially Mexico of course where the food is incredible.  We’re always that much happier when in Mexico and the food is the reason.”

Who are the Top 5 artists to look out for in 2018 from the label? 

“More from our mainstays like Jori Hulkkonen and Fairmont and a special release by our good friend Kenny Glasgow. We definitely have some tricks up our sleeve but can’t divulge much just yet.”

What’s on the horizon for My Favorite Robot Records?

“We have tons of music to release on both the main label and our sub-series MFRRed that we started this year. We also have a very interesting project in the works with one of the most respected artists we’ve had the pleasure to work with but that remains a secret still but should be announced fairly soon. Believe us, it’s worth the wait!”

Being a successful artist is extremely difficult in the music industry, keeping up with evolving of music, providing what fans want musically, and maintaining a music label. As well as not getting caught up in the limelight, the duo has come a long way and celebrates a huge milestone in their musical career. Another ten years for My Favorite Robot and many more. 

Tour Dates:

April 27 - Good Room [Brooklyn, NY]

April 28 - Secret Garden at Treehouse [Miami, FL]

April 29 - Hostel 3B [Playa Del Carmen, MEX]

May 12 - Enter the Dragon [Munich, GER]

May 12 - Groove Club [Mexicali, MEX]

May 15 - Techno Taco Tuesdays [Las Vegas, NV]

May 18 - Solset at Firehouse [San Diego, CA]

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