Following an incredible first edition, Lisboa Electronica Musiculture's second edition was one to remember, firmly making it's footprint in the Portuguese underground scene. Over 7000 people came to meet, learn, dance and discover new music from native Lisbon, and the world round.  Within just four days and nights, 29 labels descended on Lisbon, filling two incredible venues, LX Factory and MInisterium club with forward thinking electronic music. From cutting edge minimal techno, jagged electro through to low-slung deep house and beyond, over 60 artists brought something different to the table as трип, Clone Records, Pole Group, Werk Discs, Half Baked, Slow Life, Assemble Music and many more labels pushed the sounds that make them stand out. Not all just DJ sets and live shows, the Red Bull Music Academy conference element inspired, with key industry heads delivering stand out lectures, while the marketplace allowed diggers to uncover new sounds, meet new labels and add to their record collections with sounds from across the globe all under the LX Factory roof. The music loving crowd welcomed friends old and new, and the team, artists, dancers have created a party that Portugal can be truly proud of. 

Kicking off proceedings, Red Bull Music Academy offered up food for thought with lectures from Clone records head honcho, Serge, Carlos Maria Trinidade, Rui Vargas and mastering engineer, Mike Grinser. Something for everyone with lecture and tips from running labels to mixing down records, and everything in between RBMA again offered valuable insight to the industry. Hard-hitting exploratory sounds came courtesy of Helena Hauffand Actress' live show, a more mellow affair from French team, Discobar, with Robin Ordell and Lamache, alongside Baby Ford and Alex Celler, repping for London's Trelik imprint.

Friday was a whirlwind of impeccable selections from a truly varied international and local blend of talent, with Raresh, Sonja Moonear, Altitude and Vera on Friday, with Siberian techno queen Nina Kraviz bringing the party to an ravey close with high octane energy, acid jams and techno slammers galore. Flying the flag for Lisbon, a stellar set of selections came from Stereociti with his carefully crafted live show, while Ze Salvador, Jorge Caiado pushed the sounds of Groovement and Carpet & Snares. 

Bringing the festival to an unforgettable close, Saturday held many highlights. Highly anticipated the Slow Lifeshowcase brought the deepest grooves to Lisbon, Laurine, DJ Tree and S.Moreira hypnotising the crowd with melodic house and tripped out minimal. Dancefloor bliss came from Sensual Records' Michael Melchnerand Benjamin Stager. Sure to be talked about for many months to come was Legowelt's awe-inducing live set, while the mighty Oscar Mulero embarked on a sonic journey, taking Lisbon's dancers along for the trip.

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With over 60 acts on the bill, Lisboa Electronica brought live shows, workshops, industry networking and straight-up dancing to the heart of Lisbon. A chance for breakout Portuguese artists such as Zoy, VIL, Temudo, Gonçales to join local scene mainstays including Jorge Caiado, Joao Maria, Ze Salvador on a soundboard open to a global ear. Lisboa Electronic Musiculture is a driving force in the city, and with 7000 festival goers descending on the festival, the heads behind the event proudly continue to embrace and promote the culture of electronic music in Lisbon. Firmly cementing is position in the festival scene as a meeting point for key players to dance, discover, and be continue to be inspired, and inspire through sound. Stay updated on next year's proceedings and check out the magic with the official festival pictures on the Lisboa Electronica channels.

THANK YOU LISBON! See you next year.

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Ourbookings - BE-AT.TV - RBMA -  LX Factory - Ministerium Club - Capitolo

 Werkdiscs (Ninja Tune) - Actress  Helena Hauff, Trelik - Baby Ford, Alex Cellar. Rawax and Shift - Audiopath live feat. Jerry the Cat, DJ Al, Robert Drewek, трип - Nina Kraviz, Deniro., Assemble Music - Raresh, Joao Maria, Altitude (LIVE), Discobar - Robin Ordell, Lamarche, GOSU - Manuel Schatz, Phil Evans, Hayes Collective - -2 live, VIL & Temudo, Groovement and Carpet & Snares - Jorge Caiado, Stereociti live, Ze Salvador, Piston Recordings -  Rogério Martins, Johan and Ritz, Padre Himalaya Showcase - Silvestre and Renato, Pandilla LTD - Hélio + Diogo + Tiago, Melliflow Records - Vera and Alexandra, Low Money Music Love - Alexander Einetter and Diogo Lacerdas & Alexander K, Ministerium - Sonja Moonear, Onirik and Berllioz & Zoy - Clone Records - Legowelt, Serge, Flow Records - Cardia, Kokeshi and Francisco Berberan. PART OF THE GANG - tINI, Topper, Bloop and Half Baked - Fumiya Tanaka, Greg Brockmann, Magazino, Kaesar, Cruz, Pole Group - Oscar Mulero, Lewis Fautzi, Tensal, plus Multidisciplinary imprint, Slow Life - S. Moreira, Laurine, DJ Tree, Sensual Records - Michael Melchner and Benjamin Stager, The White Man & The Arab - Ben Micklewright  and Souhail Zaatari, Interzona13 - Stellar Om Source, Luz Retina, Helena Records - Module Werk, Gonçalo, Traffic Records - Patrick Klein, Martyné