Our new writer Mike Perry had the pleasure to chat with DJ/Producer/Songwriter Gianni Blu. Gianni recently released 'Tell Me What It Feels Like' which features well known vocalist & collaborator, Mingue, who you might recognize from her work with EDXBolier, and LVNDSCAPE.

Your latest track ft. Mingue, "Tell Me What it Feels Like", is a very groovy, down-tempo tune and has a different feel than your past releases. The acoustic guitar is a great touch. What was the inspiration behind the track?

I wanted to try something new to me and I approached the record through a very organic and refreshing vibe. The process began by recording the melodies on the piano, live guitars and base lines all before going into the production. I had the record for almost an entire year before I recorded vocals on it.

How was it working with Mingue? Will we be seeing more from the two of you in the future?

Working with Mingue was amazing. She is such a talented and incredible artist, I would definitely love to work  with her in the future.

Why did you decide to make the switch from making trap and bass heavy tunes to producing future house and EDM tunes? How has it been for you?

At the beginning of my career, Trap and Bass came a bit easy to me because of  my hip hop background. I was heavily influenced by programming hip hop drums so it was a very natural transition. However, since the very start of my musical journey, house music has been my #1 love. I do have several trap / base unreleased tracks but I'm focused on my house / pop sound at the moment.

Can we anticipate an album in the future?  

It's hard to say. I feel that, currently, an album is not what it used to be a few years ago. Music is consumed at such a rapid pace, you almost don't give the songs a true chance to grow in an album format. There's more worth to split say 12 songs and release 1 a month for 12 months. I definitely see myself putting together an EP though!

What types of tracks have you been working on and when do you expect to be releasing next?

II have a couple tracks I'm working on that share a vibe. These consist of a variety of genres like dancehall/ caribbean / pop themed projects. I spent some time in Jamaica and Haiti over the last few months recording with different artists so I'm excited to share the tracks that were influenced by these places. I truly believe these are the records which truly showcase the "Gianni Blu" sound.

Where will you be performing this year? Anywhere in particular you're most excited for?

I'll be playing Spring Awakening Music Festival in Chicago which is incredibly exciting. Also have several plans in the works that I'd like to keep as a surprise.

Who are your influencers in the future house genre?

Definitely Tchami and Oliver Heldens for sure. I also love Don Diablo's records.

Do you see yourself staying within this genre?

I want to create music that I'm currently vibing with which allows me to explore a variety of genres. Music to me is like ADD. I can't stay to long on one exact genre. I truly believe an artist should be able to paint any sort of picture he envisions as long as he can tie them all together.