Coming off fresh off the boat from their successive Bahamas voyage, Groove Cruise Miami has announced its plans for its 15th Anniversary and to be able to secure a spot for its milestone voyage on March 15th PST. Setting sail on January 10th - 14th, 2019. Once again offering the ultimate and epic adventure on the sea. 

GCMiami - We're Never Going Home.jpg

For its 15th Year Celebration Groove Cruise Miami will sail to two new destinations in 2019 - the stunning, tropical island of Cozumel, Mexico and gorgeous Key West, Florida. Known for its clear, turquoise waters, elegant snorkeling, and cultural delights. Cozumel will add the next chapter in Groove Cruise global voyage. The Groove Cruise family will also be making a stop in Key West, an intimate island hub. Next year, the ship will now depart from the port of Ft. Lauderdale. What was once an arduous cab ride from the airport to port is now direct; GC Fam will be able to travel from plane to boat in a matter of minutes.

Be a part of the greatest family of all! Tickets for the 15th Annual Groove Cruise Miami 2019 go on sale to the public soon.