N/UM (pronounced noom) is a New York house & techno influenced trio using analog synthesizers & drum machines, guitar and voice in live composition. N/UM is made of members Jeremy Loucas on drum machines, samples, mixing, Emil Bovbjerg works the synthesizer and provides vocals, Elias Meister plays the guitar and bass. There are many reasons why N/UM is one the most creative acts in the dance music scene, in this interview readers, will discover how innovative this trio really is. “N/UM translates to medicine or supernatural potent energy.”

How does it feel to represent the NYC house and techno scene?

We haven’t thought of it like that really but it would be a great responsibility and a lot to live up to. We primarily represent our music and our way of creating and in the current world music is becoming increasingly something that transcends city limits etc. New York is our home and we are definitely proud to be a small part of the incredible scene that exists here, especially for electronic music.”

What makes them even more creative recently they released their mega-hit ‘YES’ at Brooklyn’s House of YES. Also the title of their debut EP ‘YES’. "The record was recorded live at a show at House of YES and it was a very nice and happy day-party vibe when we played there.” 

Tell us more about your “YES” EP, what was your inspiration and story behind it?

We approached it like any other show really and as always we went into it not knowing what would come out musically. When improvising freely it is very hard to judge in real time whether what is coming out is very good or original or not. We are forced to remain grounded in the fleeting moment so the truth reveals itself to us a long time after the audience. We didn’t have the idea to release it as a record until we listened back to the set several months later.”

What is your favorite NYC nightclub?

To be honest we feel a lot more at home in the underground/warehouse environment but we enjoyed a lot playing the Panther Room at Output and we have great hopes and expectations for a brand new spot called Elsewhere that was opened by good friends of ours in Bushwick.”

When was the moment that you’ve decided to become DJs?

We don’t focus a lot of energy on DJing professionally but we enjoy it a lot and continue to collect records etc. The live thing for us is something that consumes most of our time and energy and it is hard to pinpoint a moment where that was decided. Taking the leap into electronic music and improvisation was a gradual process and slow, collective realization for us as a group.”

N/UM’s musical taste and artists who influenced them to become who they are today illustrate their true creativity and passion for music. “Our influences are very wide, the 3 of us share a great passion for music, so they sway from classical to jazz, to experimental and early field recordings, and of course electronic music.”

What’s your favorite place to eat in Brooklyn?

"There are so many!! UPW for amazing Pizza in Bushwick, Birds of a Feather for Chinese to name a few.”

Besides your “YES” EP, what’s on the horizon for N/UM?

We just finished Mastering our next EP a few days ago, scheduled to be released before the summer,  we also have a few other releases that are in the works and scheduled to be released this year, we hope to share lots of new music this year!”

Where do you see N/UM in a year from now?

We hope to release as much music as we can during the upcoming year, keeping our creativity flowing, we also hope to start traveling lots more, and collaborate with other artists and labels, so we can share our music to even more people.”

Any inspiring words for up and coming DJs in the house and techno scene?

Be adventurous and experiment all you can, there is room for lots of creativity in the scene, so feel free to reinvent the wheel, we all need inspiration!

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