Hailing from Asturias, Spain - underground house producer, David Herrero has made another milestone in his music career. Impressively, Herro has already released over 200 tracks and remixes with more to come. His rich and essentially crafted sound has received support from huge titans such as Marco Carola, Loco Dice, Nic Fanciulli, Richie Hawtin, and much more.

David Herrero is a believer in giving people the feeling of happiness. Wholeheartedly committed to that role has placed him in a position where he could be deemed as the “superstar of hearts”. Recently, Herrero released his newest creation entitledThe Good FunkEP on Desert Hearts Records, in his interview with Electric Vibes he mentions more about the EP and his inspirations on music and life.   

Where do you get your inspiration from? What inspires you?

“My source of inspiration comes especially from music of the 70’s & 80’s. I always imagine a record of mine in a club full of people dancing and enjoying, and this is when I can start to give shape to the perfect track for people do not stop dancing.”

What lead you into the electronic dance scene?

“I've always been struck by music. I've never had any family ties to music, but something inside of me told me that this was for me. My first memories with music go back to the early age of 7 or 8 years; while others only thought about going out to party and meet girls, I just wanted to play music so that people could have fun. It was also the way to connect with people because at that time I considered myself a very shy person who found it difficult to communicate with new people.”

You’ve released many EP’s in your career, how does it feel that your new EP is out on Desert Hearts?

“With great enthusiasm and optimism, you do not live in the past and you always have to face new challenges and things that fill you up like my EP, Good Funk.”

The Good Funk EP is a two-track piece that defines funk and groove like none other, from the moment you push play you’re locked in. The title track ‘Good Funk’ is brooding and relentless, and even a bit mysterious. ‘Revenge’ feels as methodical as the word itself, with a groove that exposes what’s more beneath the surface the longer you listen.

Where did you get your inspiration for ‘Good Funk’ and ‘Revenge’?

Good Funk is my vision of the ‘golden age’ of house music; I think it's a record that transmits happiness and good vibes. Revenge, it's the opposite I want tension, control, and hypnotism.” 

Herrero has been building steam in the house realm, having earned widespread support from huge techno idols. He's a regular on Chus & Ceballos' Stereo Productions as well, with other releases on Armada Subjekt, Deeperfect, and Moody Recordings.

Who do you look up to in the dance music scene? Any idols or mentors?

“There are many and this list would never be fair, D-Train, The Cure, Cesarea Evora, Richie Hawtin, MAW, François K, Joe Claussell, Madonna, Simply Minds, imagine the mix I have of sounds and mentors would never end.”

Herrero’s steadfast representations of both versatility and adaptability have set him apart as the “organic” house specialist. This path of success has manifested into David receiving a calendar packed with appearances at the international map in some of the globes biggest clubs such as Space Miami, Womb Tokio, and Footwork Toronto and more.

You’ve performed at many places around the world, What is your favorite country to perform in?

“All corners of the world have their charm, but for me in the first place is Japan. I like their culture and I feel very comfortable with them. The second position was reserved for New York, for its history in music and because I share many passions that happened in that city.”

You’ve performed at many festivals around the world, What was your favorite festival?

“I have good memories of two in Concrete, Montreal Diversite, for its great organization and grandiosity in terms of public and in Spain the now disappeared Electro Beach, for being one of the first to believe in me and give me the opportunity to perform with the greatest for many thousands of people.”

Just as the dance music world was heading into the world of funky house, Herrero was there. And then, when it began to embrace the mix of organic, tribal deep grooves Herrero was there again, leading the way with his productions. As Herrero goes, it seems, so does electronic music.