What happens when you travel into the depths of an unknown world? You enter into the world’s greatest party, elrow for their nautical themed “The Rowmuda Triangle” which took place at Brooklyn’s Avant Gardner this past weekend. It was the talk of the town and the perfect weekend to dance off what you ate during Thanksgiving.

What is elrow? Elrow creates experiences where spectacle, music, color and happiness, which are essential elements of elrow’s DNA, get together and create a unique and involving event. The brand was born in 2010, the story behind it goes back way longer, about 5 generations ago. The Rowmuda Triangle is the unknown world where you fall into when you are lost within life.

Once you enter the magnificent location, immediately there are decorations flowing everywhere, dripping down from the ceiling. Gazing around, elrow nailed the theme perfectly by transforming Avant Gardner into their own world. Inside you could find mermaids, sailing with a sea monster and sunken treasures. Floating sharks and confetti flying all over the place as soon as I walked as if they throwing it for me. The stage was transformed into a giant sea monster with tentacles reaching out into the crowd as if the stage was trying to eat everyone. Out of all the US elrow shows this was one of the best ever.

Along with the outstanding decorations there wouldn’t be elrow without the uplifting music to soundtrack the night. Partnering with some of the top trending spin masters around the globe, captains of the voyage were Steve Lawler B2B Yousef, Acid Mondays, Andres Campo, and a special extended back-to-back performance from wAFF and De La Swing. The music started off strong with Eskuche B2B Salvione giving an uplifting house set. Acid Mondays played a brilliant set, warming up the crowd perfectly with his lively set. Techno and house heroes Steve Lawler and Yousef played for almost two hours with house favorites such as Danny Tenaglia & Celeda - Music is the Answer (Dancin & Prancin).


The music and the noise of the crowd awoke and infuriated the Craken, the island’s most dangerous animal. This savage underwater creature swallowed the pirate boat in just one bite, setting the party-goers off on a surreal journey deep inside the Craken. The party on-board the boat had already been pretty fantastic, but this took them into a completely different dimension. Words cannot describe what they experienced in the Rowmuda Triangle.


The perfect kind of house and techno favorites were being played, setting the mood perfectly. The moment of the night was when wAFF and De La Swing played their epic back-to-back set, especially when Rhythm Is A Dancer was dropped. Everyone lost their minds, people were singing along and the phones were out the record this magical moment.


It was that night where some people attended their first elrow event. They were complete shock and was their favorite party ever attended. After elrow there is no turning back from the house and techno scene.

Elrow lasted until the sun rose into the next day, people cheered and clapped when they finished, all that there was left was confetti and float toys everywhere. After completing their successful Art Basel Rowmuda Triangle party, elrow is on to more adventures in the near future. Elrow will return in February 2019!