Insomniac has always tried to bend industry norms and venture outside the box when it comes to live experience. The creators of EDC Las Vegas once again demonstrate their forward-thinking vision with the announcement of PLAY Festival, their first-ever interactive music and gaming experience, debuting in 2019.

It’s an honor to partner with Insomniac on PLAY Festival. I had the inspiration for this event back in 2015 and wanted to create something that would combine my passions for music and gaming. Since then, the gaming and eSports industries have grown far beyond my wildest dreams. I knew Pasquale and Insomniac were the perfect partners to team up with to bring this one-of-a-kind event to life.
— Paul Campbell, Co-Founder of PLAY Festival

PLAY Festival promises to provide a slew of vibrant, immersive and exclusive experiences through multidimensional arenas that will allow fans to test their skills and challenge others in several gaming and arcade realms. Given the phenomenon of dance music and hip-hop as the soundtrack for modern-day gamers, live performances from the biggest names in those genres will also serve as the backdrop for fans—also known as Players—as they travel between different realms of the gaming and music festival atmosphere. In addition, Players will witness the most elite gaming competitions ever curated as top eSport gamers and teams, celebrities, musicians and athletes from around the world compete against each other from inside the virtual universe of PLAY Festival.

Paul is an entrepreneur with a strong vision, and his passion for this project is inspiring, There are so many similarities between the gaming and dance music communities, from their inclusive nature to their passion for total creative immersion. PLAY Festival is an opportunity to connect these two colorful worlds and build an event that’s exciting, authentic, and inspires a new generation of fans.
— Pasquale Rotella, Founder and CEO of Insomniac

Every year, Insomniac brings together more than 1 million uniquely different individuals and creates a world of positivity and acceptance that is inspired through music, art, love and imagination. In true Insomniac fashion, Players will be the pulse of PLAY Festival’s macrocosm. Insomniac’s latest endeavor therefore combines its state-of-the-art production with inspiration from the best of the gaming world.