After announcing his newest “Slimeageddon” EP, vomitstep producer, Snails has announced another massive milestone, the launch of his very own comic book series, The Shell, and its debut issue The Sluggernaut. Sinking into its vivid imagery and captivating story-lines, The Sluggermanut provides a glimpse into the creative universe that fuels the music of Snails and live event concepts. Teaming with up French artist Dr. Fanx and co-writer Maria Filipone to bring the Vomitsquad’s colorful world - including King Slugz, King Frongz, Sluggtopia, and The Shell to life in Marvel-like style. The next five installments are currently in development, and will further explore The Shell's mythology and origin. Issues will be released on a yearly basis and are expected to coincide with Snails's albums and tours. Pre-order / Download

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"My music and shows have always been attached to a story. Frogz, King Slugz, Sluggtopia and The Shell are all part of a bigger vision - one that hasn't been fully explained ... until now. Super proud to announce that The Sluggernaut comic book will be released on November 26th. Check out the first 11 pages and order your physical copy for the full story!" - Snails

Snails has had a massive year, he released a full length remix album of his cult favorite “The Shell,” launched his own record label Slugz Music, and rounded out 2018 with a massive North American tour featuring a mind-bending visuals stage dubbed “The Shell 2.0”. The tour is going strong and hard, Snails will make his way to New York City and perform at the impeccable Terminal 5 this Saturday, December 1st. Supporting acts include Liquid Stranger, Svdden Death, and HEKLER. “The Shell 2.0” will surely be an incredible holographic bass music experience powered by groundbreaking production. Grab your tickets today!

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Snails “The Shell 2.0” Tour

Terminal 5

Saturday, December 1st



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