Spanish artist Domingo Bellot aka De la Swing is dedicated to music production and performing, he is one of the Resident DJs at elrow. Born in Madrid, he started his musical career at a young age, techno, drum & bass are the key elements that influenced him into what he is today. His technical talent skills, ability to connect with the public and diverse musical style that has made him one of the most accomplished DJs in Spain.

This Saturday, November 24th, elrow will be returning to New York for its final residency show of the year, inviting some of the talented elrow residents including De la swing. In celebration of elrow week, I had the opportunity on interviewing De le swing.


You’ve been an elrow resident for quite a while, what would be your favorite moment at an elrow party?

“One of my favorite moments happens when all the crowd comes into the room and sees it completely transformed. That moment they realized they’ve entered into a parallel universe. Also, I love when the public feels the biggest stars in the show.”

You’ve performed at many elrow events around the world, was there an event that stood out the most from the rest of the elrow events?

“Wow! It is hard to mention just one show, but if I have to pick the most spectacular it would be this summer’s elrow Town London. It is without a questions the best production we have carried out to date.”

What is your favorite elrow set?

“I have two: my closing set at elrow in Space in 2016. That was the last year of Space! Also elrow at Dreambeach 2016. Both are in my top list.”

As a worldwide brand, elrow is now in over 80 cities across the globe, elrow attracts a diverse, international crowd that transcends racial, gender, and religious differences, uniting everyone under the same good vibes. No matter where you’re from, elrow will make you feel right at home.

Each year elrow expands to new locations, what is your favorite location?

“This year the star territory has been South America. We’ve had incredible shows in Chile, Peru, Uruguay and Brazil. It is amazing how the electronic music scene is growing in these countries and the energy their crowds transmit in every elrow party. Having said that, I think having a residency in New York is one of the things that makes me most happy. You just have to be there! Also, I love that our partners and promoters are all so familiar and friendly, that is a gift from heaven!”

At every elrow event its gains new people, What should newcomers expect? Can you give some advice for newcomers of elrow?

“Obviously, in each party there are raves that are coming for the first time to an elrow party, especially now that the brand is expanding globally. Mi advice for all the new rowers is that they let themselves go and be surprised from the beginning. They can be part of the show and the aim is that they feel the true stars of the adventure.”

elrow NYC.jpeg

You’ve release many tracks on elrow music, are you planning on releasing any new music on elrow in the near future?

“Every year I release one or two EPs and two-three remixes in the label. Now I’m working on my first EP for 2019 and if everything goes as I expect, we’ll be releasing it March-April. It will be a collab release titled ‘De la Swing & Friends’, that will feature 3-4 tracks. I’m also working in a remix for my friend Skuche, that will be included in his upcoming ‘Dope EP’, out by mid first trimester of 2019.”

His musical work with a darker and deeper feel, can be reflected on labels like elrow music. De la Swing is that type of non-conformist artist which lives in a continuous sound evolution, where the depth, darkness and fun are always present in his sets and throughout which he shows his creativity and innovation on stage, driving his passion and vibrancy to create a different story every time, while establishing a unique connection with the crowd.


What is your favorite that you’ve released on elrow music?

“De la swing – Garden Route (Original Mix). This track started in Cape Town, where all the inspiration came from my day to day life during my vacation there, surrounded by animals, nature, with my girl and my friends. That’s what made the result so good. At least for me!”

De la Swing, Bastian Bux, Eddy M, George Privatti, Marc Maya, Mario Biani, Tini Gessler, Toni Varga are the 7 pillars-resident DJs of elrow, the after hour that became in a glimpse, one of the best clubs in Europe and probably of the world. Elrow, based in the ever growing electronic hub of Barcelona.

You’ve performed back-to-back with many artists who played at elrow events - is there anyone you wish to perform with that you haven’t? Who would it be?

“Jamie Jones - His kind of sound is my source of inspiration and I respect him very much as an artist. I think we’d form a good combo.”

What’s on the horizon for elrow?

“We’re still expanding the brand to Asia and the US. Our main destination for the expansion of the brand there is Las Vegas and the main goal is to keep expanding ‘elrow Town’, that is elrow’s festival format. We’ve gone already to London, Amsterdam and Antwerp.”

What does elrow mean to you?

“To me, elrow means family, entertainment and something that everyone has to experience at least once in a lifetime!”

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