It wasn’t Gashouder however, last week New York techno hero Layton Giordani took over Analog BKNY. Along with Bart Skills and Harvey McKay. Loads of events were happening all on the same night, he was unsure about how the event would turn out. Once techno fans discovered that Drumcode players were in town Analog BKNY began to fill up quickly. Drumcode and Awakenings attire all around and nothing but great music throughout the night.


Bart Skills began the night with dark beats and sinful sounds. Layton recently stated about Bart Skill “is my Dutch big brother. I learned so much from him and he's helped me in ways I can't explain. One of the most humble people I've ever met and is an amazing DJ. Always brings the groove". Bart Skills continued his set by playing his famous collaboration with Adam Beyer, Your Mind - everyone lost it and the phones were up immediately. People were cheering and dancing the moment ‘Your Mind’ was being played. It’s been a long time since the last Bart Skills performance however, this was the best set by far.

Layton Giordani takes over the decks playing tracks from Drumcode Records, and new tracks from his soon to be release EP entitled ‘Phase II’. Playing a few tracks from the EP such as New York to Amsterdam and Body Language. Layton Giordani played another epic, for a solid two hours - including tracks like Space Date and his collaboration with Danny Tenaglia Live Again. Fueled with his passion for techno and the talent that he holds - Layton Giordani gave another powerful performance. His nature in transporting the dancer into the rabbit hole of Drumcode with the perfection of transitioning to each track.

Harvey McKay is closes out the night with an absolute dark and seductive set. Layton Giordani said about his friend - "Harvey McKay is Glasgow's shining knight. He knew me much before the success and I'm so happy to share this evening with him. New York loves him for his distinctive sound and he's gonna smash it in BK".

Analog BKNY was taken over by Drumcode artists, the underground nightspot was packed with devoted fans. It was truly an epic night filled with great vibes and incredible music. It was a successful event, Layton Giordani along with Bart Skills and Harvey McKay made an memorable night.