From New York to Ibiza, as well as releasing tracks on Hot Creations, Repopulate Mars, and Elrow Music - Eskuche is the one the most rapidly growing DJ & producer in the underground dance music scene.

We are recently at Paradise New York, sitting in the backstage room with the talented DJ & producer. Hi Eskuche, so tell us how you feeling today, are you excited to play at Paradise?

“Hi Meagen, yes It feels really good today to play my first Paradise, I’ve been wanting to play a Paradise party for a long time.”

Releasing impressive tracks, and performing at huge festivals as well as Ibiza, Eskuche had an eventful summer, can you tell us more?

“This summer was just amazing, besides Paradise I enjoyed playing at HYTE stage at Electric Zoo Festival and Elrow NYC was very dope. Basically, all of this summer was amazing. In October, I’ll be in Ibiza for five days and then ADE!”

What do you like most about the New York City music scene?

“NYC has changed a lot since I moved here in 2010. Not in a bad way or a good way. Since then, the party scene moved to Brooklyn and you can now find lots of proper underground parties there. Back then Manhattan was crazy. I spent lots of nights in Pacha NYC and Cielo.”

What is your 3 favorite tracks right now?

Martin Buttrich & Enzo Siragusa – Lifted Spirits

DJ Sneak & Tripmastas – Hustlin For House 

Jamie Jones & David Berrie - Doctor Zouk 

What is your favorite nightclub in New York?

“I would say the most epic nightclub and venue is Brooklyn Mirage, there is really nothing like this place in the US or even whole world. I also love Output. The main room, Panther room and the rooftop all have different vibes-and they are all amazing.”

What is your favorite party in Ibiza?

“I’ve been going every week to DC-10 where the Paradise party is every Wednesday. It is definitely my favorite club in the world, there is nothing like it. I also love the Do Not Sleep parties at Amnesia. Do Not Sleep’s lineup was really cool and underground - it was different from the other parties in Ibiza. They bring a lot of house music pioneers like Sneak, Josh Wink just to name a couple. I also loved Elrow in Ushuaia. It was super crazy and the production was next level.”

Who is your dream collaboration?

“I would love to work in the studio with Jamie Jones, I am a big fan of his sound and have been for a long time. It would also be super cool to get into studio with Martin Buttrich, he is next level with productions. Richard Devine’s studio is really crazy; I’ve would like to see his work process. He is more the engineering and sound design side. Check his Instagram, some cool stuff is there”.

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Eskuche has gained support across the globe from top artists like Marco Carola, Lee Foss, Laurent Garnier, Stefano Noferini, Matthias Tanzmann, and Jamie Jones. He was then asked who are your biggest influencers?

“It all started when I was 15 or 16 years old listening to break beat and jungle, I was trying back then to make my first music tracks in acid and rebirth. I deeply got into house music when I moved to NYC in 2010. I remember my first parties being at Pacha NYC with DJ Boris playing his Jungle party and it really blew my mind. But slowly, I became more about groovy music and got very serious about music production.”

Eskuche is only gaining more momentum by releasing new music on multiple labels. That will take over the underground scene by storm, what releases you have coming in near future?

“I have Robot Love EP coming on Desert Hearts, following by ‘Activator EP’ on Hot Creations on November 2nd. Then I have EP on new Darius Syrossian’s vinyl label -  Moxy Music coming winter 2019. I also just finished my ‘Dope’ EP for Elrow Music.”

Listen to Eskuche - ‘Robot Love’ EP!!