Anthony Cardinale aka Avision is a force to be reckoned with, starting out at the age of just 12, his preference for a more mature sound led to his first residency at Club Abyss in New Jersey by the time he was 15. Fortunate to grow up surrounded by the club culture of New York, and influenced by the sounds and music of the scene - Avision is a name to look out for in the new wave of young techno artists. Over the last year, he has rereleased on a selection of influential labels including Mark Broom's Beardman Records, Carl Cox's Intec, Victor Calderone's Matter+, Carlo Lio's On Edge Society, Inmotion LTD and now Alan Fitzpatrick's We Are The Brave this November.

Last week, Ben Sims listed Avision as one of his Top 10 Rising Techno Talents in a recent interview with Dummy Mag. During our trip to Amsterdam for the annual ADE Conference, we got a chance to sit down and catch up with Anthony, ahead of his EP 'The Come Up' and he tells us about how his passion became a reality.


Q1. Your debut EP ‘The Come Up’ is set to be released soon, how long did it take to create it?

Yes, it is, and I’m super excited for it! ‘The Come Up’ I would say took me about a month or two to create, I’m always working on music, so after I had a good batch of tracks I sent them to Alan and he selected from there.

Q2. How did the NY music scene influence ‘The Come Up’?

The NY music scene has always inspired me, I have always been inspired by the early 90’s music scene. DJ’s would play all night long from 10-24 hours sometimes playing tribal, techno, house, and even vocals. ‘The Come Up’ is an EP that really resembles my influences from New York as it has a little bit of melody, groove, and chunkiness to each record.

Q3. Is there a favorite track from the EP you have?

I don’t think I have a favorite track on this EP, I think each track is unique in its own way and I enjoy playing them throughout the night.

Q4. Is there a meaning behind the title of the EP?

There is, I think this EP is what is going to push me further in my career.  ‘The Come Up’ title just means it’s my come up into this amazing industry. 

Q5. ‘The Come Up’ is being released on Alan Fitzpatrick's label We Are The Brave, did you ever imagine your musical career would lead to this? 

I can’t wait for this EP to release, and I’m honored to have it on Alan’s label. He’s been working very hard on this label and all of the branding behind it as well. I never imagined my musical career would lead to this, but it was always in the plans. I always want to better myself and strive for bigger ventures, especially when it comes to my music. 

Q6. Who is your biggest musical influence?

I have so many influences but if I had to choose one it would be Quincy Jones - enough said. 

Q7. ADE was last week, tell me about your experience

What an amazing experience, I was blown away since it was my first time. To finally meet everyone I’ve been talking to overseas, and getting to link up with my DJ friends it was an experience I’ll never forget. The parties were all packed, and all the production was done proper. I’m looking forward to next year already. 

Q8. What was your favorite moment during ADE?

I don’t think I had one specific favorite moment, although my favorite part about this trip was walking into almost every party hearing one of my records. It was really humbling and inspiring to hear so many different artists’s playing my music. I never would have thought to hear my music as much as I did, and for that, I’m forever grateful for all the artist playing my music, it means a lot to me.

Q9. Was there a particular spot or nightclub you enjoyed the most at ADE?

I mean as always, I think Awakenings was really impressive, but I have to say everything I experienced was nothing short of amazing. 

Q10. Besides your debut EP, what's on the horizon for Avision?

There is still a lot of music ready to go for the future. ‘The Come Up’ is my last EP of 2018, but we start the new year up with a big release on “On Edge Society” that has a remix by the legend DJ Rush, and I also have an EP coming out on Eats Everything’s new label called EI8HT. I’ll most likely come back to We Are The Brave as well with a follow-up EP.  The rest you’ll just have to wait and see ;)

His debut EP ‘The Come Up’ is a four-track project showcasing all of Avision’s talent and passion. Avision’s legacy is growing like a supernova exploding in the farthest reaches of our galaxy… and his journey has begun!

‘The Come Up’ is available now on Beatport for pre-order