Join us in getting to know Dylan Orvell better. With well over 25 million streams across all major platforms, Speaker Of The House’s talent can’t easily be overlooked. As a valuable asset on tour supporting The Chainsmokers & Marshmello, among others, he’s performed across the festival circuit hitting the likes of Coachella, Camp Bisco, Hangout Festival, Moonrise, & Groove Cruise.

Which original release are you most proud of? Were there any challenges or sort of writer's block you had to overcome?

I'm proud of all of my originals for different reasons. But when I think of the challenges of creation and writer's block, Ceasefire stands out as a triumph. Not because of how it sounds, but because I was going through some struggles that a lot of musicians have faced last winter. Making and releasing this song helped me move forward and believe in myself after some dark days.

"Ceasefire" & your new release "End Up" Feature electro-pop duo Hicari. How did you get on each other's radar? The pairing of your style with theirs has been a hit with streams in the 8 figure range, can we expect a 3rd release in the near future?

Hicari actually reached out to me after I did a remix for Caving by Justin Caruso— they had written vocals for him recently and were keen on my style. I was thrilled to work with them and produce Ceasefire and End Up, I think we are a good fit. You may hear more from us together down the road!

How did you get into dance music growing up in Philadelphia? Is there a specific track that made you commit to the genre?

Before age 18 it was all punk rock, reggae, and jam bands. I got into dance music while in my freshman year at Drexel University in Philly. My roommate and I would download and keep updated with all the UKF Dubstep and DnB uploads— that was the main channel on YouTube we followed. It was primitive compared to today but still a new world. I became acquainted with electro house soon after and brought it in to a lot of house parties, DJing for fun. Around that time Skrillex's Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites dropped, and I was completely obsessed with every song from it. I had to figure out how to make all of these sounds, I couldn't believe what I was hearing. Another song that stood out and influenced me early was Strobe by deadmau5. 

How did you come up with the unique name?!

The name Speaker of the House was conjured while finishing one of the first electro house songs I was proud of. It was called "next level". I didn't know what to call myself and I had a few monikers I thought of that weren't as catchy. I ordered a cheesesteak from my Philly apartment and turned on CNN. "Speaker of the House" text came up on the bottom of the screen and it clicked, I was pretty much decided within a minute or two.

At what point did you make the decision to transition into producing your own creations after success as a popular Soundcloud remixer?

I actually produced only originals with no vocals really, for the first few years as Speaker of the House. I really loved these but it was hard to pick up traction without vocals. So it wasn't until 2014-15 that I started having access to some remixes that would help elevate my career. I think after having a heap of successful remixes, it's only natural for an artist to move on to originals. The difficult part is obviously writing or getting your hands on hit vocals, and building the hype around it by yourself instead of under a bigger artist/ label's wing. 

Which remix are you most proud of? Any tracks you regret not having the time to remix?

I'm most proud of my remix for Ed Sheeran - Drunk. This is the track that catapulted my style in 2015, and it is still one of my favorites. I think I stepped up a level while making it, and it was a milestone in my career to fuse deep/ tropical vibes with guitar. There are some songs I regret not bootleg remixing back when SoundCloud was the Wild West. Among these would be Strobe - Deadmau5 , With You Friends - Skrillex, Eyes - Kaskade, Icarus - Madeon. Although I wonder whether I could have done them justice with a remix back then or even now!

What do you have in store for us coming soon and in 2019?

For the last part of 2018 I've got some more original releases I'm really excited to share, and some gorgeous videos! The first part of the year was a period of self evaluation, while the second half has been reinvention and finding myself again; which has felt amazing. 2019 will be stacked with official releases and some work that I'm extremely proud of— we'll have to see where that takes me but I've got my eyes on the road.

What is a dream collaboration?

Dream collaboration would be with someone like Adele, Lana Del Rey, AlunaGeorge, Lane 8, Rufus Du Sol. 

We see you love your mountain biking, favorite trail? What's your 2nd favorite thing to do when outside the studio?

I do love my mountain biking! Definitely my favorite thing to do outside the studio. My favorite trail would have to be Party Wave at Snow Summit. It's just one of those tracks you can hit 100 times and still find new lines and ways to throw the bike around. Second favorite activity outside the studio is taking my car to the canyons or race track for the day! I think these high adrenaline sports keep me balanced on weekends and are my contrast from intense days and nights spent in the studio.