From the newest members of Dirtybird, New York duo Walker & Royce have announced that they will set out on a border-hopping fall tour called ‘Self Help’ — sponsored by the label. The four-month tour is both a celebration and an introduction to their highly-anticipated debut album ‘Self Help’.  Armed with these fresh productions, all boasting the duo’s signature party-ready yet emotional sound design, Samuel Walker, and Gavin Royce has something irresistible to offer fans at every stop.

Walker & Royce’s Self Help tour starts off with a couple of European dates, spreading the joy with shows at Germany’s Kater Blau and Egg London. Then they turn their sights back towards the U.S. — kicking off the tour with a weekend at Dirtybird Campout in October. From there, Walker & Royce begin their victory lap across North America with a slew of club and festival gigs within the tour, making stops in San Francisco’s Halycon, Chicago’s Spybar, Detroit’s Grasshopper Underground, Los Angeles’ Sound and San Diego’s Bang Bang, with more dates set to be announced soon.

Their leading single ‘Take Me To Your Leader’, Walker & Royce open the floodgates through which their past and present collide. The music video showcases what Gavin and Sam, the familiarity of modern religion’s instrument of choice contrasts sharply with the party starting vocals of the duo’s longtime friend Dances With White Girls. It tells a story that takes fans on a journey and having a hell of a lot of fun along the way. Inspired by old-school pulp alien films Dances’ antics in equal measure, the music video is the ideal visual representation of one of Walker & Royce’s biggest songs to date. The track’s quick switch to an intergalactic synth line lays the foundation for the album’s continued mirroring of vocals and hardware – if you listen closely, what you hear is what you get.

Self Help puts forth a career-defining debut album - an impressive clever project that lures listeners in with club-ready grooves only to leave them in contemplation. Walker & Royce invite you to get lost in the flowing constructs of their imagination while they search for the constantly evolving remedy of Self Help.

Walker & Royce Announce International 'Self Help' Fall Tour

First Phase of Self Help Dates Out Now

'Eponymous' Album To Be Released October 20th

Tickets and Information

Walker & Royce Self Help Tour Dates:

9/15 - Eleven Club, Tallinn, Estonia

9/16 - WEIDENDAMM, Hanover, Germany

9/22 - Waagenbau, Hamburg, Germany

9/23 - Platform, Shrewsbury, UK

9/30 - Egg, London, UK

10/1 - Kater Blau, Berlin, Germany

10/7 - Dirtybird Campout, Bradley, CA

10/13 - Jade, Portland, OR

10/14 - Halcyon, San Francisco, CA

10/19 - HiFi Club, Calgary, Canada

10/20 - 9910, Edmonton, Canada

10/21 - MIA, Vancouver, Canada

10/28 - 1UP, Reno, NV

11/11 - Spybar, Chicago, IL

11/16 - Grasshopper Underground, Detroit, MI

11/18 - Birdhouse @ Goldrush Festival, Chandler, AZ

11/20 - Billy's Lounge, Grand Rapids, MI

12/1 - The Nines, Dallas, TX

12/8 - Sound Nightclub, Los Angeles, CA

12/9 - Kingdom, Austin, TX

12/23 - Bang Bang, San Diego, CA

More Dates To Be Announced


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