This was my first time at the Deuces & Diamonds venue or the Corona Electric Beach party held here.  I arrived at the venue around 2:30 in the afternoon thinking that Thomas Gold would have already been on stage and hoping it would be slammed with Chicago Sunday Funday-ers.  To my surprise, when I arrived I found the venue to be empty * the music quiet.  It was a perfectly beautiful August afternoon and in one of the most beautiful cities in this world, this event was simply lacking energy and appeal.  I remember thinking to myself, I wish I knew Thomas Gold wasn’t going on till later.  My initial understanding was that the event was Thomas Gold from 1-7pm.  Musically, I teeter toward Trance and Progressive tunes, but I thought, hey Thomas Gold is a solid artist and since a friend I know here at Electric Vibes needed the event covered, I decided I would go check it out since I’ve never been to Deuces & Diamonds or a Corona Electric Beach event held there. 

I can say that from a musical perspective, there was a lack of cohesiveness between the DJs that were warming up for Thomas Gold.  After arriving at the venue, I heard that Thomas Gold was to be on by 5 pm, however, he did not begin till 6.  From 2:30pm – 6pm the genres of music which were played were all over the place.  This would have been fine if the DJs did their job to draw in the crowd.  Quite honestly, none of the DJs that played before Thomas Gold made the slightest effort to engage the crowd.  That was probably my biggest drawback with this event, I couldn’t believe the DJs weren’t making an effort to engage their existing audience. 

I felt that the venue was lacking in sound quality as well as production but it does have great potential.  A bit better sound and even some production or LED Lighting would have added some sparkle and jazz to the event, but it just felt bland, without flavor.  The outside part of the venue where the event was held is actually very cool, with a small wade pool built in to the ground in the middle and VIP table and hot tubs off to the side, however, I felt that the event lacked enthusiasm. 

In my experience with nightlife, having DJ’d all over Chicago, in California and recently Ibiza, I would say that the Corona Electric Beach at Deuces & Diamonds has a lot of potential!  The organizers simply need to focus a bit more on creating an energetic vibe and providing a better quality overall experience to its Patrons.  I would be interested in going back for another such event, IF, they took the time to address some of the sound, production, and experience issues.