One of Ibiza’s most revered DJs, label owners, and record producers, Guy Gerber, returns to the US to bring his iconic RUMORS party straight from the White Isle to the Big Apple for RUMORS NY on September 16th for an [open air] show. RUMORS will feature an extended set from Guy Gerber and is sure to draw its unique crowd of artisans, fashionistas, music heads and misfits.

The complete lineup has announced for RUMORS NY which include duo Thugfucker, adding far-out psychedelic techno group Acid Mondays, and one of the most impressive rising talents out of the Big Apple’s dedicated underground Shahar, for a day-into-night party that comes straight from the sandy beaches of Ibiza.

Guy Gerber

Guy Gerber and NY-based promotion company Teksupport are pulling out all the stops for the party of the year. Eastern exoticism will meet Ibiza’s unique hedonism in America’s dance capital. As ever, Gerber is bringing RUMORS’ singular production to NYC; writhing snakes, Chinese lanterns, dragon dancers, and kimonoed servers will hold court in a sunset outdoor party scene unlike any other.

RUMORS began as a clandestine residency on the beaches of Ibiza and is now in its fourth season on the island. It has since spread globally to host events in London, Tel Aviv, Sardinia, Mykonos, as well as Miami’s Art Basel and even hosting a RUMORS Hotel at BPM Festival in Mexico.

Guy Gerber

Earlier this year, Gerber and Harvey took over Ginling Alley in LA’s Chinatown for a mystical sold-out sunrise soiree. RUMORS has already played host to Sven Väth, DJ Harvey, Dubfire, Cassy, Delano Smith, dOP, and more.

“One thing about a rumor is that it takes a minute to start one and a lifetime to stop it. Like any good guilty pleasure, a good Rumor is a little bit clandestine, a little bit naughty, and something you always want more of”

RUMORS NYC September, 16th


Acid Mondays and Shahar join Thugfucker and Delano Smith!


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