Following the success of  "Life In Grey" (4M streams) in 2015 and 'Family Portrait' EP (6M streams) last year, French trio Point Point returned in 2017 with a whole new musical and visual path on "Hands, via Ultra Records. 

'Hands' came with a powerful and touching music video, creatively done by Canadian cinematographer, Kristof Brandl ( who has worked with the likes of Skrillex, Zedd, Nike, Converse, and more.

The single delighted new and old fans alike, straddling the lines between pop music and electro. Featuring vocals from London-based artist Denai Moore, known for her collaboration on SBTRKT's album, Moore brings a sensual and warm feeling to the single. 

The video on the other hand, was set within the backdrop of Army training camp, which speaks to the current times and portrays a powerful message between the struggles of real life and war life. While not many can relate to this, the message is real, and something to be explored in our modern times. Denai Moore calls out to tough times and heartbreak which captures the aesthetic visual of the main characters life at home with his young love and the time he spends at camp wrestling in the mud and fighting with fellow comrades, ultimately to leave it all behind and head into war.