Tmrw.Tday Culture Festival - Negril, Jamaica - Journey down the coast from Montego Bay, a path engulfed by pristine, white beaches and turquoise waters that lead into the coastal town of Negril, where locals and visitors alike sought a better Tmrw.Tday for one inspiring week this past May 17-23. The inaugural global gathering Tmrw.Tday Culture Fest laid its roots along the famed 7-mile beach and picturesque limestone cliffs of Negril, inviting participants to achieve a more conscious lifestyle, placing an emphasis on music, wellness, gastronomy, and environmental activism set against the backdrop of one of the world’s most coveted travel destinations.

Scattered along the beach and in the surrounding resort town, vibrant outdoor venues sprang to life shrouded by palm trees and exotic greens primed to host a wealth of workshops, fitness classes, and, of course, a world-class selection of international musical acts and native talent alike. Crystal clear skies and glimmering waters met the shores of Irie Soul Beach each morning, homebase to Tmrw.Tday and host to the myriad of daily activations offered. Ranging from meditations to beachside bootcamps, the offerings spanned the fitness spectrum. Taking place underneath colorful awnings on the sand, participants engaged the mind, body and spirit alongside unobstructed views of endless ocean waters.

Curated by Irie Soul Program Directors Stacy Chang-Christoforou and Gillian B., the yoga + fitness programming filled each morning with new purpose and opened each evening with pure intentions. Sunset workshops included Acro Yoga led by Toronto-based performance duo, the Acro Buddhas, who doubled as performers along the beach as the sunset gave way to nighttime festivities. Throughout the course of the event, guests were invited to utilize their Tmrw.Tday wristbands to participate in local activities which included Villa Sur Mer Cave Bar & Swimming, featured authentic restaurants and more.

Living, breathing, and fully-embodying its reggae roots, punctuated with nods to legend Bob Marley seen nearly everywhere, the town of Negril wholeheartedly welcomed the global celebration with Tmrw.Tday delivering a selection of incredible music across three unique venues, unlike any other in the world, to the delight of many. Rain or shine, everything was “irie” as afternoon showers cooled off the beaches and gave way into warm, tropical, music-filled nights. Kingston’s Teflon Zinc Fence & Yaadcore kicked off the first night at local-haunt Kenny’s Italian Cafe, a quaint outdoor restaurant overflowing with rhythms and bass. The allure of the sounds resonating from Kenny’s proved to be too strong to resist, bringing out unexpected guest, the legendary Lee Scratch Perry who joined both artists on stage for an impromptu, freestyle performance.

Glowing from the previous day, anticipation built up to Saturday night’s musical showcase where Protoje & The Indiggnation headlined Tmrw.Tday’s Reggae Revival Concert via an incredible stage that appeared on the beach overnight at the Boardwalk Village resort. A master class of modern pioneers in reggae “rebel music”, Protoje was joined by other Indiggnation artists SevanaRunkus and Yaadcore. Sponsored by Red Stripe, the sunset was well underway as the first acts took to the stage, giving revelers a breathtaking view and sandy dance party. Continuing the high vibes well into Sunday afternoon, Crew Love touched down for an epic Sunday Irie Soul Beach takeover featuring extended sets from EchomatikDavid MarstonNick Monaco, and Wolf + Lamb for a wild afternoon dance session on the beach, blessed with brief afternoon showers, an awe inspiring sunset, and uncontrollable smiles.

Official Reggae Ambassador for Tmrw.Tday, Chris Blackwell played host to an intimate evening with Gabre Selassie at The Sands at Caves Hotel on Monday evening to close out the main musical offerings for the week. Owned by Blackwell, The Sands were transformed into the Dub Cave, an ode to Selassie’s weekly Kingston event and the only spot in Negril to groove deep into the early hours of Tuesday morning to soulful reggae & dub sounds. Those adventurous enough to wander down the winding cliffside staircase to the coral reef caves below found themselves immersed in candlelit caverns, where bartenders served up cocktails while a tribal drum circle and dancers vibrated the floor with pulsating sounds.

Spearheading the environmental activism initiatives was International Wellness Ambassador David Wolfe, co-founder of TheBestDayEver.com and founder and president of the non-profit The Fruit Tree Planting Foundation charity. As part of his contribution to the inaugural global gathering, David Wolfe hosted a Cacao Ceremony and Dance Party in addition to a Farm-to-Table Dinner Series and Rasta River Tour at Zimbale Retreats. Monday evening also played host to a very special screening of internationally-acclaimed, feature-length adventure documentary A Plastic Ocean created by Plastic Oceans Foundation, the official environmental charity at Tmrw.Tday Culture Fest.

Giving a nod to A destination unlike any other, the pioneering festival Tmrw.Tday will return in 2018, inviting wanderers from across the globe to join the movement TDAY for a better TMRW. Stay up to date with the latest Tmrw.Tday news via the event website - 2018 dates + festival information TBA soon!

The creators of Tmrw.Tday would like to extend a special thanks to its 2017 Sponsors for their support - Jamaica Tourist Board, Red Stripe, Jamaica Experiences, Main Event, Couples Swept Away Resort & The Gleaner

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Tmrw.Tday’s Philosophy
In recent years, our hearts have become heavy, so too has our planet. The earth continues to nourish us as best she can, but instead we abuse her through pollution, hate and entitlement. Now is the time to strip it all back and discover how you can help. The inaugural Tmrw.Tday Culture Fest aims to tackle some of the existential challenges humankind faces by stripping back materialism and focusing on core values such as mindfulness, through its unique wellness, gastronomy and music programming. A movement for change, attendees will embark on a weeklong personal journey of consciousness, conviction and growth. Free yourself from society’s intolerance through yoga practice, music, dance, mindful eating, sustainable cooking, art, nature and alternative therapies.