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EDMNews.TV is a New York City-based, independently-owned media production company dedicated to promoting the Electronic Dance Music scene locally and globally. We cover everything from Electro to Dubstep to House and everything electronic, giving fans everything they want to know and when they want to know it. We make weekly YouTube videos consisting of trending music news from festivals, newly released tracks, and artist interviews.

We focus on three types of videos: green screen, podcast style interviews, and live performance. The green screen is when we share the news and show relevant videos or photos in the same frame. Using a green screen, I can adjust scale and position for animation purposes. We cover upcoming events, artist collabs, festival updates and breaking news. Currently we record in the studio with a teleprompter, we are in the process of transitioning to live broadcasting. The interviews can be streamed in real time with fans and fans could interact with us using tags or hashtags. The idea being that people at home can basically hang out with us in the studio and interact with us on social media, in real time. We want to explore ways of live streaming at concerts or festivals. We can explore other options but my idea is to have a table with snacks and drinks and microphones for artists to sit with us and chat it up. We can set up a schedule and people can sign up on a list or anyone who wants to join us are welcome to. I can see this being a very interesting broadcast on YouTube, behind the scenes of Electric Zoo. We’ll have thousands of people join in the conversation, talking to us through twitter, the artist can answer questions directly from the audience. The possibilities are endless.

Our Team

Constantin Poselski - Founder/Photographer/Videographer/Producer

Ashlyn Fulton - Interviewer/News Reporter

Pia Talwar - Interviewer/News Reporter

Rawb Lane - Interviewer/News Reporter

Oscar Valencia - Director Of Publicity ~ Founder of Electric Vibes

Aaron Jacob- Editor

About the founder

I fell in love with music when I was young. My theater workshop had a piano in the room and I practiced everyday after class. There was always something so beautiful about the rhythmic hand gestures creating string melody. I trained classical piano when I was young, I lost practice after several years but the music still lives in my heart.

My brother got me hooked on deadmau5 at the end of December, 2014. I had never heard of him before then, I recently learned that I spend a lot of time under a rock. My brother has been attending shows much longer than I have. He turned me onto his friend who was the editor-in-chief for a NYC blog called EDMNYC.com. She asked me to cover a small halloween party in october, my brother wanted to come with me and practice his new camera skills on the camera I got him for his birthday earlier that month. To our surprised, we dressed up in suits and halloween masks and went to town. Simultaneously covering two sides of the venue, Michael and I worked together to impress Nicole. We disagree on just how much we impressed her but the fact remains, a few months later, we were photographing all the holiday events such as Hardwell at Pier 94 and New Year’s Eve with Deadmau5 at Nassau Coliseum. We spent the next two years focusing on all New York City venues including Pacha, Webster Hall, Highline Ballroom, Hudson Terrace, Lavo, Ph. D, Dream Lounge, and we even traveled to Connecticut a couple of times, Miami, Bahamas, and Punta Cana.

Music holds a very dear place in my heart, but my true source of happiness is working on projects that require a visual component. I began with the simplest form of visual storytelling: photography. After fifteen years of photography, I decided to change up the pace and evolve myself to make images come to life. I learned all the concepts of movie making in college, hands on experience by being on set, and thinking about how limiting photography really is. As I began learning more and more about film cinema and the progression into video, I started realizing that the trend is speed and quickness of delivery. Live streaming creates the strongest connection between any two people, the entire process is done in a single moment in timespace. There is no time in between when something is filmed and then edited and distributed. Our studio capabilities allow for live streaming with multiple cameras and on-screen graphics.

Constantin Poselski co-founded PoselskiBrothers.com with his brother Michael. Since, Constantin has worked with artists like Deadmau5, Hardwell, Orjan Nilsen, The Chainsmokers, Snails, Zedd, Skrillex, Steve Aoki, Kanye West, TJR, and many more at music festivals such as Mysteryland, Firefly, Electric Forest, Made in America, and Elements.

Two years ago, I linked up with Webster Hall to do an interview show with their artists in the green room called The Hangout. We interviewed Fight Clvb, Modestep and Nosia before we ran out of funding. I work in two studios now in midtown manhattan. Using my new resources, I have technology which allows me to broadcast a live stream across the internet to potentially millions of people. All I need now is the interest.

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