After eight years of adventures in NYC, BangOn!NYC is proud to announce ELEMENTS Lakewood Camping Music & Art Festival, transporting our magic to a stunning, picturesque venue in Northeast PA, just 2.5 hours from NYC. Imagine open fields, hidden forests, green valleys, and a sparkling lake. Enjoy three days and nights of music, art, surprises and games. A true summer camp for adults- featuring cabins, heated pools, and endless possibilities!

Dip your toe into the pool of excitement surrounding this inaugural camping festival launch, and surely you'll find yourself electrified. BangOn!NYC has successfully amassed the kind of following and notoriety that gives raves of the 90's a run for their money. With the passion of the production crew, all the artists - musical and visual - and their drive to take every event to the next level, the good times will surely be as abundant as the nature that surrounds you.

But be warned - between dancing the decks of a pirate ship "at sea", having a ball around a rollerskate rink or an impromptu visit from one of the colorful, musical and mobile Art Carts, you might just find yourself delightfully distracted from the namesake Earth, Fire, Air and Water stages. Though, the stages are made as enticing as the rest of the arts. The renowned Team Kitty Koalition reign as top embellishments to the energy of the music on stage. Like the stages, expect to see these beautiful Earth, Fire, Air and Water nymphs bringing some serious dance moves to the music. These ladies are accompanied by a plethora of other costumed characters, all to be seen across the festival in full jaw-dropping fashion to interact with and entertain you.

So this Memorial Day Weekend, tune in, vibe out, blast off and BangOn!