BVRNOUT and KROMATIKS join forces to bring you ‘Follow Your Heart, The burgeoning producers craft a beautiful soundscape through elegant synths, thumping bass, and a roaring drop. Cadence Ludden’s vocals shine and are a perfect complement to the production. ‘Follow Your Heart’ will undoubtedly consume you in its island vibes and beauty.




Cadence Ludden:

‘Pressure’ is a hypnotic voyage into a pulsating bass-vortex found in a Tron-like world. The burgeoning producer, Baron Fields, constructs ‘Pressure’ by layering delicate piano chords, sparkling synths, and blistering bass. The culmination of these elements dance around the listener’s ears enveloping them in the tracks futuristic soundscape. Josh Rubin’s soulful voice perfectly intertwines with the production and helps to make ‘Pressure’ an extraordinary experience.


Baron Fields:

Josh Rubin:

‘Jungle’ is an atmospheric exploration of a soundscape befitting of the track’s title. Hurley Mower proves his production chops by his expert layering of intricate sounds that combine beautifully, yet keep a minimalistic feel. His utilization of harmonic wind instruments, classical piano chords, and animal noises keep the track fresh and delightful. As you listen, the track has you floating through a world of luscious vegetation, majestic waterfalls, and a harmony of rainforest sounds, until you reach a clearing and the journey slowly fades away into a nostalgic memory that always eats at your mind.


Hurley Mower: