Minus Zero Festival ‘s second year was a success, despite some last-minute rule changes and the summit stage closed for the first day due inclement weather. The weather may have shut down one stage on the first day but it definitely made the main stage lights look euphoric. The snow looked like glitter or some would say confetti. This festival was quite unique in many ways that I don’t think other festivals are up to par with. For example, The energy between the artists and crowd was completely in sync.

The crowd is something I usually complain about, but everyone respected each other’s space, the vibe was great, and when in need of help, people helped you. Shout out to my friends that helped someone who lost his friends and kept a stranger company for the last two acts Saturday.Then, brought him to his car to reunite with his friends. Also, shout out to those who found many lost items and returned them! Hope there’s some good karma on the way for you all! It was a loveable weekend I must say. Another example, is having a festival literally in the middle of all the lodges making it easy to come into the festival and out of the festival. For those staying outside of the resort, big thanks to those Vermont townspeople for offering rides from your place to the festival and back.

As for the music itself it left most of us very impressed. Illenium played Kaskade and Skrillex songs with his own mix up and it was phenomenal! After hearing “Fractures” and “Rush Over Me” I felt like I was having chills because it is such a heartwarming song and the snow added some effect to this set as well as Zeds Dead. Zeds Dead stayed true to their fans by playing their hit songs such as “You Know” and “Lost You” amongst their other amazing songs. Marvel Years was pretty awesome as well as it was my first time hearing Marvel Years. Jamming away on a guitar is pretty impressive. The village stage was somewhat empty during the day but gradually got bumping during the night. House music all day, all night.

On the second day, the summit stage was the go to place and it felt like entering Narnia! The other dimension AKA Summit Stage was a mixed up genre kind of stage because I heard trance, trap and house music while being up there. Some snowboarders and skiers stopped and watch the show as well.

The view up on the mountain added that spice to that stage as well. After awhile, it was time to go down and check out other artists at the main stage and village stage. Slowly walking past the stages was all we needed. Then, off to our room to change for the night because the best rule of all is the re-entry before 8 pm! We came back in by 6:30 to see Yookie, Pierce Fulton, Griz and BassnectarYookie dropped some new tunes and mixes, Pierce Fulton gave us some loving with some above and beyond and obviously some of his own amazing tracks, Griz played on his sax the whole night and played tracks like “As We Proceed” and “Fine Way To Die” and “Funky Town,” Bassnectar always giving us the bass with songs like “Turn Up” and remix of “Get Deaded” “Loco Ono.” What a weekend and now to let you in on some other perspectives.

How would you describe the experience at the village stage?

Only there for Claptone but his set was awesome, loved how the lights from that stage bounced off all of the shops and condos in the village. Small crowd which was a nice change of scene from the main stage. – Slime Rothstein, Connecticut

What was your overall opinion on Minus Zero Festival year 2?
My overall opinion on Minus Zero Festival year 2 was overall amazing! I have always wanted to visit Vermont and this festival brought me there. I got to see amazing scenery and I got to listen to music on top of a MOUNTAIN! That was very special! Can’t wait for next year and I hope Bassnectar returns! -Marilyn Graham, NJ

Which stage did you hang out the most at and what did you like about it? Which stage, other than main stage, did you go to and like about it?
Summit stage was lit with Fenx throwing down. – Ayndrw Maysawn, DE

Hung out at main stage mostly, but village stage was dope because it was a throwback to last year’s lineup because it was all deep house, Claptone put on a great show there and even passed out those golden bird masks, which is his logo! – Sean Reed

Who was your favorite artists? Did you get to check out artists you didn’t know but liked? What is your next year’s artist wish list?

Favorite artist: Bassnectar, he threw down! Zeds Dead set was also quite magical with the snow falling catching the lasers at every inch til they reached the lodge. Griz sets are always beautifully funky and upbeat.
Artist to check out: Average Joe he played main stage the first day and summit the second and I got to catch both sets. He absolutely killed it with his dope weird sound, def check him out.
Next year Pretty Lights, Bassnectar, Tipper, Shpongle, Ganja White Night, Rezz, or STS9 would be sweet. – Hannah, Philadelphia PA.

Favorite artist was definitely IlleniumMarvel Years I didn’t know about and was amazing. Next year I wanna see them bring in The Glitch Mob. – Dan Peltier, NY

What do you think they need to improve on?
Improve on water stations and laying more salt/gravel on ice, It was a great festival and I’d love to go back. Not much to complain about. – Patrick Bloss, NY

Suggestion: have 21+ bands given out with wristbands to streamline the process – Ayndrw Maysawn, DE

Suggestion: hand out festival maps and set times. I was so sad I didn’t get a pamphlet! Those are my fav keepsakes – Heather Herideen

Overall, this weekend has changed most of our lives in a positive uplifting way. Also, we would like to hear more about your experience by commenting below

Images Above Courtesy Of James Coletta Photography