WHO: Jordan Sarah, RINSED and The Umbrella

WHAT: A nearly sold-out run of limited engagement, album release shows, immersive theatrical and A.V. experience of the EP Dynamic Alpine Sexual.


Weds, Mar 29- Sold Out

Thurs, Mar 30- Sold Out

Fri, Mar 31- 7pm, 9pm (sold out), 11pm

Sat, Apr 1- 5pm, 7pm, 9pm, 11pm

Just Added:

Sun, April 2- 5pm, 7pm, 9pm

 WHERE: The Umbrella Factory, 200 Morgan Ave, Brooklyn

HOW: Tickets are $15, sold here: http://rinsed.it/events/dynamic-alpine-sexual/ - Ticket includes a hot beverage and a copy of the new EP.

CONTACT: All PR inquiries to Kathryn Musilek: km@sharkpartymedia.com

Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/1334124919982351/

THUMP just premiered a remix by Aquarian of a track from the album, Dynamic Alpine Sexual

BROOKLYN, NY: Launching on Wednesday, March 29 with performances through Saturday, April 1, 2017, RINSED and its record label, The Umbrella come together to present the new album release, Dynamic Alpine Sexual with a celebratory and interpretive one-man audio/visual multimedia performance. The immersive performative experience will be a theatrical interpretation of a lifestyle genre created by Jordan Sarah. The run of shows are almost entirely sold out, besides the Friday 7pm and 11pm, and the Saturday 5pm, 7pm, 9pm and 11pm. Experience the new album Dynamic Alpine Sexual in real life at The Umbrella Factory, in a way you have never experienced an album before. Combining the atmosphere and energy of an art rave at RINSED with the immersive theater experience of Sleep No More, DAS promises an unforgettable night of 360 degree visual and musical storytelling

More About Dynamic Alpine Sexual: D A S fuses everything that's great about a DIY party, an unusual industrial location, captivating original music, and all of the unique moments and surprises, with the structure and concise execution of an immersive theatrical experience. It's like if RINSED circa 2013 and Sleep No More had a love child. And he were a soulless 80s skiing legend.

Set to The Umbrella's newest release, Dynamic Alpine Sexual, by Jordan Sarah, we've built an original stage design, completely surrounding the audience in a 360º cocoon of A/V stimulation. Audiophile surround sound, original video content, and a live action narrative will take you on a demented spiritual journey through the shallow path of our anti-hero. When it's all over, you won't be able to un-see what you've seen.

NOTE: The production is a limited run, with extremely limited capacity per show. The experience is seated, and therefore we can only accommodate a fixed number of people per show, per night. The production is intense, but concise, this isn’t a dance party. You’ll be in, and out within the space of an hour, but the experience you’ll take from it will stay with you for the remainder of your life, for better or for worse.

Website: http://dynamicalpinesexual.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/1334124919982351/?ti=icl

Tickets: http://rinsed.it/events/dynamic-alpine-sexual/
Album Preorder: https://theumbrella.bandcamp.com/album/dynamic-alpine-sexual

JORDAN SARAH (Performer/Playwright)  DAS is the brainchild of multimedia artist Jordan Sarah who has worked as a theater performer in Germany and a techno producer in England.  Through the lens of humor, Jordan is interested in exploring themes of accelerationism, struggles of the privileged, and sport drama.

RINSED (Director) is a pop-up club-night based in Brooklyn, NY. Fusing installation art and music, they’ve hosted some of dance music’s biggest acts and showcased them in DIY venues all across the city. Their alumni have gone on to headline the world’s largest festivals, and their fans return time after time to hear the best dance music in thoughtful and unusual locations.

Dan Wender & Blacky II are RINSED's founders and residents. They also run and manage an independent label, "The Umbrella". They've produced and played every rinsed party featuring world renowned artists like Jacques Greene, Jackmaster, & Crystal Waters.

DAS is RINSED's first foray into the multimedia theater arena. However their experience producing immersive nightlife events lends them an intrinsic eye for producing captivating events. DAS will combine their obsessive attention to aesthetic detail, with a proprietary stage and set design, to create a new experience to be loved by both electronic music lovers and bizarre theater lovers alike.

THE UMBRELLA is dedicated to bringing together the familiar and the foreign. An outward extension of the body simultaneously both joining and dividing ourselves from our environment. It provides the ability to experience the rain and not get wet.

The Umbrella's mission is to provide a new kind of record label. While most record labels have some kind of a basic release party, The Umbrella puts an equal emphasis on the experiential component of each albums release. Each release on the label is 50% album / 50% event, so that you can truly experience the music in the most appropriately curated setting. While some releases are dancier and conducive to a dance party, so releases are not and allow us to create a more off-the-wall, out there stage production. We are thrilled to be debuting this new form of entertainment with DAS.