Tell us about yourself and How you got into DJing and producing music? 

I have been involved in this industry and worked in it for many years. If we are talking about production, I have been making music since I was 15 years old. I am a musician and classical music pianist. I started to study piano at the age of just 4, and from there up to the ages of around 15, I listened to all types of music until my father introduced me to electronic music in particular. At that time I started producing live sets, and traveling with my machines but I was still not until later in 2004 that I started to play as a DJ.

Who is your biggest inspiration? Someone you look up to as a musician/producer? 

The person who has helped me the most has always been my father. From there came everything that I have achieved today. If we are talking about artists, then there are two who have been the biggest influence for many years. Both French, Jean Michel Jarre and Laurent Garnier are two artists who have influenced both my music production and my life in many ways. And to this today, they still do.

 If you could collaborate with anyone dead or alive who would it be & why? 

Actually, the dream of collaborating with someone came true 2 years ago. That was with Laurent Garnier. I did a remix of one of his tracks “Enchanté”. If I had to choose another artist that's alive, as you can imagine it would of course be Jean Michel Jarre or Hanz Zimmer. If to suggest an artist is no longer with us, then it would have to be one of the greats like Mozart. That would make me very happy J

You have an EP coming out, Different Dimensions, which has 2 remixes on there for “Dimension 6” with 2 other artists. How are the 2 remixes different from each other. What’s your opinion, do you like your original track better or one of the remixes? 

Yes, I am very happy to collaborate with Mr Bader again! The remixes have surprised me a lot. I love each of them, as they all tell their own different story, and are all different from the originals in many ways. Some are more tech house, and others techno, whilst using some new creative and very organic sounds which I adore. I think the package as a whole is very strong, varied and perfectly balanced for the release.

You have another track on the EP, “Palkyong,” how is that track different from “Dimension 6?” 

“Palkyong” is a more personal track, focusing on my vision and more the musical side of things. I wanted to do a track on the piano, but leaving the typical piano role in electronic music behind, so that's what I did. It’s much more harmonic, more intense and deeper. Maybe it’s actually the most “Uner” part of the release!

When and where the EP will release? 

The EP is due out at the end of this week on the 24th March. It wil be coming out on Philip’s label “Out Of Mind”. It’s my debut on the label, so I am really excited, as we have been collaborating together for the last year. He also released an EP on my own label “Solar Distance”.

I always like to collaborate with people who have something different to contribute to music, so I love it!

You have a residency in Ibiza this summer? When does that start and what venue can fans catch you? How long is the residency until? 

Yes I do! One again, as with the last few years, I can confirm that I will be back with the family / colony of ANTS at the famous Ushuaia. It’s actually the 4th year of Ants for me, and I have been involved with them since day one. So I am delighted to be back, it's a great party and I love being on the island.

Everything kicks off in the last week of May, where there is the main opening party, which I will be playing at, but the ANTS events officially start the following weekend. So you can catch me there until the end of October!

With festival season right around the corner, are there any exciting festivals or other tour dates that you’re excited to perform at this year? 

This summer we have a lot of festivals, especially in Europe. Each one has its own energy and special vibe, so I am really delighted to be playing them. I love some of the festivals we have now, they’re truly magical.

I have been heading over to the US a few times a year now and have done a few tours, and I love it! We have a few more dates for the remainder of 2017, so hoping to be back in NY soon. Of course, time in the studio is always really important to try and accomplish in-between all the travelling, so I will be locking myself away for a few weeks to continue work on my new album. It’s going to be an interesting and once again busy summer!

5 things we don’t know about you? 

I have so many strange things! Ha ha – but here is a few!

-       I am an exceedingly orderly person. My friends say I have issues!

-       I always carry amulets, which are mostly gifts from fans all over the world

-       I get on planes ALWAYS with the same foot

-       I am scrupulously clean. I hate mess or clutter in any part of my life and shower at least 2 times a day, and take a minimum of 2 clean spare t shirts with me everywhere I travel

-       Oh and of course, I spend hours brushing my hair in front of the mirror

Anything else would you like to tell us about our Electric Fam?

Thank you for catching up with me when I was in New York, and just to let you all know that you are invited to come and dance with me for the next show later this year. Of course, if you can come and dance at one of the festivals or ANTS, I would love to see you! If you are a music lover, you are always welcome!