EV: Thank you for taking the time to answer a few questions for us! With us being based out of NY, our readers not only here but all over would love to hear what you have to say! Being a New York native and playing at many of the amazing venues, which is your favorite and why?
Thank you for having me! Awesome to be doing something like this with you guys :) To answer your question, I would have to say Pacha, NYC and then my second choice would be Output, Brooklyn.

EV: How did you feel with the closing of Pacha?
Totally gutted. Pacha taught me what house music was all about. It’s really the place that opened my eyes and ears as to what I wanted to do with my life. Truly, so sad to lose that place.

EV: You have announced today your debut on Drumcode, with an LP “Where It Begins” – such a huge release for you. Can you tell us more about its production, your inspirations and what lead you to this release?
Ah yes! This album has been in the making for something like 2 years now. For starters the main idea we tried to capture is the diversity I try to be as a producer. It’s really a collection of who I am musically and the different moods of techno that draw to us. My inspirations came from everywhere. From daily life to playing in new places and meeting new people along the way. Not only will this will be my first album ever but also my first solo release on Drumcode as well. It’s pretty much the “full” introduction of who I am coming from Drumcode and it’s a dream come true.

EV: “Good Violence” was released today as a taste of what’s to come from the album, what was it about this track specifically that made it the first choice for you for the promo?
‘Good Violence’ is a very special track for me. I made that record a few days after playing with Adam at an event. It was a great moment of inspiration. For me personally I think it’s also one of those tracks that has all the techno aspects from the whole spectrum.

EV: Since the start of your career, was it always your ambition to release on Drumcode, or was this a natural progression?

Honestly, from the get go I knew I wanted to work with Drumcode. I mean who doesn’t? For me Drumcode has a fitting sound for my productions. I always connected to its vibe and whole idea. With that I knew I had to prove myself to Adam and so I did. 

EV: What is your standout track from the LP and why?
This is literally the hardest question!! I love all of them in different ways! I guess ‘Turn It Around’ though. It has a lot of those old school house/trance elements and vibes in it. For me it allows me to re-live my ‘Pacha days’ if you get what I'm saying. Kinda like a time machine track for me.

EV: Which festivals are you confirmed to play at this year? Is there one in particular which you are really excited about?
We have a lot great shows in the works surrounding the album release, but as for which one I am excited about the most - I can’t yet reveal the name, but I can tell you it’s located in Amsterdam and is probably one of the best known festivals for techno in the world.

EV: What’s your favorite part about having a residency at Output?

At the moment I do not have the residency, as I am now going to be based in Europe so much with touring, it’s impossible to be in NY on a long term basis. When I did have my residency, well it was amazing. The club is one of the best and to have it so close to where I lived too, was a nice touch. Output has such a long list of fantastic artists playing every week, some spectacular moments have been had!

 EV: You have been developing a relationship with Adam Beyer. Will we see a collab in the near future? Is there any artist that you would love to work with?
Adam and I have plans in 2017 for sure. Although I can’t promise any upcoming collabs at the moment, we’ll have to wait and see! Obviously I’d love to work with Adam alone on a project, but also I would love to work with Danny Tenaglia or Moby. Both were very influential to me in my younger years and still are to this day.

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