The elrow brand has made a name for itself worldwide with their theme parties and infamous characters throughout the night. A few days later and elrow is still fresh in the mind, it was their Brooklyn debut event, Sambodromo do Brasil theme. Partygoers we entertained by Justiano, Simon M, Marc Maya, Bastian Bux, Steve Lawler, Patrick Topping and Art Department throughout the night.


The sold-out show had people waiting on 2-hour lines stretching around the block. After waiting in the long lines attendees entered into a warehouse that was turned upside-down into the jungle-themed atmosphere. From wall-to-wall tripped-out animal posters hoisted in the air, jungle themed decorations, to elrow performers dancing in the crowd and onstage. It wouldn’t be an elrow party without its confetti showers, and their elrow blowup toys.

The layout had different sections for different ticket holders, there was a VIP area but apparently had nowhere to sit. The dance-floor was huge and had enough for everyone to dance nobody was packed like sardines. There was a smoking section near the toilets along with three different bars. Guest List section was fun, there was a lounge area, with a fully-stocked bar, and it’s own toilet so you didn’t have to travel across through the crowd. Dancing on the stage and mingling with friends that I met at other festivals was the best part. People dressing along to theme, friends running into long-time friends including Groove Cruise family. 

Photo Credit: Stephen Bondio & Chris Lavado

Photo Credit: Stephen Bondio & Chris Lavado

Everyone dancing along to massive beats such as Andrea Oliva’s remix to ‘Welcome To the Jungle’ by Thick Dick played by Patrick Topping, Steve Lawler dropping Wax Worx new track “Smokin Funk” and Max Chapman’s festive tune ‘La Fiesta’ played by Marc Maya. There was a special back-to-back performance from Marc Maya and Bastian Bux who completely got the crowd moving to the funk beats.

As people danced into the early morning hours Marc Maya, Art Department, and Bastian Bux started going back-to-back which was mind-blowing. As the sun began to rise and the skies turning into dawn, the beams of light began to shine through the windows. We danced until 7 AM and Bastian Bux in awe from the incredible vibes and the amount of who stayed until the end. Walking out with sunglasses still on and full of confetti in shoes, pockets and hoods it’s safe to say it was another successful elrow full of fun, great vibes, and beautiful people. Until the next elrow party.