Ephwurd has truly set the bar high for themselves, from playing EDC Las Vegas, Lollapalooza and Shambhala there is no stopping these bass maestros. 

This Friday December 15th LA is in for a treat, the LA Takeover by Ephwurd at the beautiful Belasco Theatre in the heart of L.A. You cannot miss this top tier event hosted by Insomanic, it is the best way to to start this holiday season. 

Grab your tickets here

We at Electric Vibes were able to give you the inside scoop of the LA take over and what Ephwurd has in store next.



Can’t wait for your LA Takeover at the Belasco Theatre, it’s one of my favorite venues in L.A. Rumors has it that you’re going to release a new track that day? Can you tease us just a little bit?

Yes we are!!! It’s called “Function” and it’s featuring this new group called Oneeva out of the UK. The first time we heard Oneeva’s vocals we were mesmerized and wanted to find a way to fit it in with our sound. It’s slightly different from our normal musical avenue but it still has all the heavy bits that make it a banger. 

What makes L.A different than other cities you play?

Home town shows are always so much fun! Our guest list is usually stupid hahah even family comes out. It’s always awesome to party with all of our friends, family and fans all at once. Seeing all of that support under one roof makes us feel very grateful that we can do this as a job. Plus we also get to eat at our favorite sushi spot before we play and don’t have to go to the airport!!!! It’s a total win on all fronts which makes it extra special for us.

How did the two of you meet?

We met through Steve Aoki at Identity Fest back in like 2009. We started touring together about 2 years later, and started writing songs on the road. Eventually we had enough material to actually make it into a real project and thus Ephwurd was born!

What does your creative process look like?

Datsik: I think there’s no right or wrong way to approach a new tune, it could be a simple idea or a drum loop that just spawns something. Sometimes we get a dope new vocal and we’re just like “Yo let’s write something completely around this vocal.”

Bais Haus: It’s how Vibrations happened. We were super stoked writing a new project, and just hit a wall on it and just said we’d let it work itself out. 10 minutes later we were like “fuck this let’s start a new track.” We had the one snippet from Good Vibrations and we ended up writing a whole new tune around it that night.

When you’re working on Eph’d Up records, what makes an artist/track stand apart from the rest?

We are just trying to push our own music at the moment for the next few months. Then after that we will start pushing music that we love. The sound will determine itself in time. Its pretty much anything that we would want to play in our sets. Recently we have been into a lot of newer artists. Been big fans of Michael White and Oneeva lately, you should definitely check em out.

What music did you grow up listening to, and when did it become more than a hobby for you?

Datsik: I was raised on hip hop and went to school for music production to try and get better and learn how to record artists. Around that same time, I randomly stumbled upon dubstep after showing a friend the music I was making. A lot of it had weird morphing bass lines and when I showed it to him he was like “dude, this sounds like dubstep!” From there I got into breaks dnd and a bit of house and now here we are!

Bais Haus: I got into electronic music when I was around 14. My dad showed me some Kraftwerk albums. Then some of my older friends at school showed me Aphex Twin, Daft Punk, Air, Squarepusher among many other artists. At that point, I was hooked. I ended up buying broken synths on eBay, fixed them up and resold them to fuel my new synth addiction. I literally got every old school synth for dirt cheap and learned how to program all the old analog gear. My old songs from when I was 16 were horrible but I still love to listen to them cause it’s so nostalgic for me.

Do you have any non-EDM inspirations or artists you look up to?

We actually have a playlist of stuff that we listen to after every show. It literally just a mix of popular songs that everyone knows and keeps the party goin. Usually they are all throwbacks but we have a few new hits in there. I think listening to songs like these helps us understand what listeners are attracted to in music.

What can your fans expect from you next?

We have been working on creating more than just "bass house". We have been getting involved with vocalists, song writers and have been collaborating with a slew of people to create something more than we're used to. With that said we are still pumping out the bangers as well so stay tuned cause we will dropping all of this new stuff in the near future ;)