Congratulations on ‘Fall Into You’ featuring Jes having surpassed 2.5 Million Spotify Streams. What was the original idea behind the creation of this track?

Thank you very much! Everything started with the piano hooklike Nic came up with, and after Jes wrote these so touching Vocals on top, we felt like wow, this is awesome, it adds up to the music so much! We felt really inspired and carefully added up the rest of the song, strings, beats, baseline, groove etc, up to the finished song that is on Materia now, one of our personal favourites on the album as well.

With the release of your 4th album ‘Sign Of The Times’ your sound went in a different direction away from the harder side of trance that begun with the 3rd album ‘Earth Mover’. What track on the first 2 albums best represented your unique take on hard trance? 

Best known tracks from this area sure were Fire Wire and Exploration of Space, we won’t call EOS a typical hard trance track though. it didn’t have this hard hitting kick and baseline we used a lot by that time, it had a more melodic approach, but thats how we always were, we like different things when we are in the studio, its very important to not limit ourselves and is part of our artistic freedom.

If we took a snapshot of your career today what two tracks do you think best bookends your range & creativity? Perhaps the very mellow and measured ‘Seize The Day’ on one end with your hard hitting debut ‘The Drums’ on the other?

This is kinda hard to say, but these two songs give an idea about the wide range of our style indeed at least for a bit, but with 8 albums over 18 years we feel a snapshot of 2 songs isn’t really enough to give people an accurate idea about who we are, how we sound, how we musically developed over the years and what we truly stand for. we feel it needs a bit of a deeper diving to really understand the variety of what happens when we get to the studio, the sound that us as cosmic gate stand for...

With your return to New York City next week for Halloween at Brooklyn’s Schimanski, what can fans expect to see this time around?

We will play at Schimanski for the very first time, but we do know the club and are really looking forward for the show! Its part of our Materia Album tour so we sure will focus on songs from both Chapters of the Album, but as we have a three hour extended set we are looking forward to add some deeper grooves and beats fitting the darker vibe of the club, lets see, we always go with the flow and cant wait for our first show in Brooklyn ever!

When your ‘Wake Your Mind’ weekly podcast reached episode 100 we got a special treat with a live set from ASOT 750. With around 15 more to go until episode 200 are there any plans for another live set & if so from which event?

Thats a good question indeed, we are right now brainstorming what to do, some special event or broadcast sure is an option, we keep you guys posted!

Any plans on a new music video from ‘Materia’ after the recent release of ‘Tonight’ with Emma Hewitt?

Yes, we also released a music video for "AR“ our collab with Markus Schulz. Tomorrowland gave us the permission to use the massive live stream footage from that amazing Trance Energy stage for our music video. Check it out on our youtube channel. Further on … brace yourself there is a music video for "Fall Into You“ in the making. One of the fan favorites on Materia and we have to give the fans a music video for this.  

How did the name Cosmic Gate come about and do you recall any others that didn’t make the cut?

in all honesty, we simply needed a name for this new project, what can we say… we had no clue how successful and life changing it would turn in the end, and certainly we didn’t spend a lifetime searching for a name… Our first single The Drums had these a bit spacy sounding elements so we thought go with something like that, and after some brainstorming we came up with cosmic gate, influences from the back then popular tv series star gate are surely just a rumour… :)


Was it hard for either of you to decide to leave your residencies to focus on Cosmic Gate in the late 90s or did it just feel like a perfect fit? What challenges must a duo overcome to become a success?

No, in the end it wasn’t a tough call, if you have the chance to play all around the globe or just in one place all the time, the wanderlust wins. Our music taste and ideas of djing for what ever reasons are pretty much the same, it wasn’t a challenge to overcome at all to dj together, we add up perfectly up on stage, this unique chemistry is simply there, otherwise we wouldn’t have made it over these soon to come 20 years.

Having traveled the world what’s the one restaurant that helps soften a grueling tour schedule for a couple of hours & what is your go to dishes there?

Sure that’ll be some good Japanese restaurant with the freshest sushi/nigiri/samishi, of course add a fitting good sake on top, we are both totally into this. One tip from us here is our friends from Sushi Zo, they are based in LA and NYC, check it out.