After two years of extensive planning, and is thrilled to announce that Awakenings and Time Warp have decided to fuse their efforts and years of experience on a brand new in-door festival called Connect. The first edition will take place on Saturday, October 13th, 2018 at "Messe Düsseldorf" the city's trade fair, Germany.

Both Awakenings and Time Warp feel it is time to connect, rather than compete, joining forces on this unprecedented event. A surge of two brands with a long-standing history and unparalleled experience, acclaimed for their distinctive production skills and musical offerings. The objective is clear, connecting Amsterdam’s and Mannheim’s premier techno events, using Düsseldorf as a middle ground.

Next year, for one night in October the massive Messe venue in Düsseldorf will be the global specter of techno music and a link between the homes of Time Warp and Awakenings.  

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