It was day 3 at Dirtybird Campout in Bradley, California - it was dirty, dusty, just like the desert weather. Sinking into sets from Sacha Robotti, and tunes from Chris Lorenzo, getting amped for the last time that Jesse Rose and Riva Starr will play a back-to-back set. When these two artists are in unity both mixing, crafting, shaping, sculpting this masterful and memorable set. Also marked as a favorite to many birdies who attended.


If you thought you knew who Stefano Miele aka Riva Starr is a musical artist then think again, during the interview we had the chance to get to know him a little better. Dirtybird Campout was nothing like his hometown in Italy, nor London “So far its been amazing, it’s a lot of fun - I have the chance to see my old friends and spend some time with them. What I like about it that the artists are mixed up with the crowd and just leave the actual festival and facilities all together right, it's not like all the artists are backstage and you hardly see them from the stage, yeah its one of the things that makes it special.” 

As the music is blaring in the background, we continue to talk about what’s on the horizon for Riva Starr, new tracks, new collaborations, and his 100th tour. Which began last weekend, this marks a huge milestone for the talented artist.  

I have a big tour coming, my 100th Tour actually which is going to be me and Green Velvet until the end of the year nonstop, I still have another weekend in the States and then I go back for ADE and then back to the States and this is also a big milestone with Green Velvet and our collaboration - 'Keep Pushin', I’m actually playing with him in New York.” 

What’s your favorite part about New York?

It’s fun that people know their shit over there, you really want to step up your game when I go to New York and it’s also one of the cities where house music was born. So for me, it’s really special when I play there, I’ve played at Cielo a few times, and Pacha when it was still open, and the warehouse parties, the place where I am actually playing it’s a two-room warehouse and also I’m really looking forward to Brooklyn Electronic Music Festival.” 

Never forgetting his roots, Riva tracks range with true passion and feel-good vibes; he strikes chords we can all relate to: from the DJs that have appreciated his work (from Tiesto to A-Trak, Jesse Rose to Annie Mac and Giles Peterson to David Rodigan) to you, me and everyone in between.

With tracks and remixes like Satori 'Umama (RIVA STARR remix), Scratch ’n’ Itch, Jack My Bell, House Music, and House Nation under his belt he also reached another milestone his 100th release - Riva Starr presents Hyperloop - Fallen Angel which now out on Truesoul. After all his success, how does he manage to create new masterpieces? 

Originally I used to do all these bootlegs in my sets, but this one was really going off so I decided to do licensing and release it, it was really big in my sets and it actually worked out really well, and I was really happy about it. By the time you release it usually I outplayed it, so I like stop for a few months and start up playing again, so every now and then I still play it but when I release something it’s because I’ve been playing for at least one year so it’s ok that’s it.”

Riva Starr is one of the most humble, kind, fun person that stays true to his art. Still, at large he shows zero signs of slowing down. It was true pleasure and honor interviewing the house producer. You can catch Riva Starr in New York during Brooklyn Electronic Music Festival and on his 100th Reasons Tour at a city near you.