Written by Sam Cohen & Ashley Zucker
Photos by Poselski Brothers

Last week, Dirtybird brought their signature BBQ showcase to New York City on a day of remembrance and tribute for the nation, the 15th anniversary of 9/11. Clear blue skies and a soothing breeze welcomed hundreds to Governor’s Island who had the chance to gaze at a picturesque skyline with One World Trade Center glistening peacefully in the sunlight. The island became a perfect perch to observe the powerful beacons, Tribute in Light, embellish the landscape of this thriving city. As always, music served as an ultimate unifier as Dirtybird brought the love and celebration from 3pm til midnight.

Despite the last minute venue change, the day went smoothly and the ferry was a delightful alternative mode of transportation. Dirtybird label head Claude Von Stroke and fellow BBQ founders Christian and Justin Martin infused the night with a light-hearted, inclusive vibe and everyone in the crowd was full of friendly, positive energy. Dirtybird has attracted and guided a music-loving flock of fans, creating an environment that is underground and sophisticated yet playful and funky.

We arrived in time for Walker & Royce, a duo discovered by Damian Lazarus a few years ago. Their groovy deep house transitioned nicely into J.Phlip’s harder acid house, dropping weird tracks like Rebirth Of A City Feat. A Guy Called Amir by DJ Godfather. Shiba San was a crowd pleaser as always, thanks to his immersive productions and ear for melody. The crowd went as crazy as ever at the drop of his signature track “OKAY,” and the French producer recently won a Best Underground Dance Track awardat the IDMA’s for “Burn Like Fire.” Justin Martin played a freaky and diverse set filled with drum & bass breaks, bizarre snippets of Forgot About Dre and tracks from his recent album Clouds. Claude closed out the night with a pounding set that included many staples and the 10th Anniversary version of “Who’s Afraid of Detroit?”

After a scorching summer, the perfect temperatures on Governer’s Island made Dirtybird BBQ a refreshingly pleasant event. Dancing our hearts out and celebrating freedom was the perfect way for us to remember those who lost their lives 15 years ago. We’d like to thank Dirtybird for providing an avenue for commemorating the strength and resilience of this country.

Die hard fans of the Dirtybird gang are encouraged to attend the 3-day Dirtybird Campout in California on October 7th - 9th!