During LO'99's US tour's stop at Legendary Webster Hall we had a chance to discuss the trip before his set. Supported by some of the most influential names on the planet such as Blonde, Chris Lake, Fake Blood, Tommy Trash, A-Trak, AC Slater, Gorgon City, Taiki Nulight and Oliver Heldens to name a few... LO’99 has quickly jumped in the industry with a debut single 'Take Me Back'  that rose to become a #5 UK & #3 Australian club record. His recent EP with Cause & Affect and Taiki Nulight on Night Bass hit the #1 House Release spot on Beatport. Official remixes include productions from Moby, Kaskade, & Riddim among others.

Oscar:    How's your tour going?

LO'99:    Good man, it's been nonstop but apart from the gigs I'm meeting friends and meeting new people and going to dinners and doing music, but it's good.

Oscar:    Have you made it a point to see any sights while in New York?

LO'99:    It's been nonstop while I've been here, as long as we don't get too ruined tonight, I'm not flying out till late tomorrow, I'm going to try and get around to do a bit of more stuff. I've been over to Brooklyn doing some music with a friend,  gone to a few bars, a few sort of famous spots, and haven't really gone to any tall buildings or anything yet. Maybe that will be tomorrow.

Oscar:    What is your favorite part of the tour so far?

LO'99:    I mean it's all been sick, it's all been really cool. My favorite part of the tour is not flying with a hangover.

Oscar:    Have you curated your playlists a little differently for the audience here in america versus your home Australian fans?

LO'99:    Not necessarily, but I'm just taking each gig as it comes and so I'm sort of on the fly like, maybe you don't play this, maybe you try this instead and see how it goes. Some of the gigs I've done have been big rooms like this and some of them a bit smaller, so I sort of maybe change my set up a little bit to do with that, and who is playing before and after and stuff.

Oscar:    You held a contest to win DJ Lessons with you, how have they gone?

LO'99:    They've been really cool, the guy in Chicago, he already knew how to DJ. I was like I could show you some things but it's probably not that interesting for him, so we turned it into a Q & A for studio stuff because he's interested in production. It was pretty cool.

Oscar:    Have any releases with a vocalist coming soon?

LO'99:    Coming up I've got a tune with this vocalist called Elizabeth Rose, she's like a big singer in australia, so that's a really cool record which I'm looking forward to coming out, its not finished yet but soon.

Oscar:    What track are proudest of?

LO'99:    Proudest song, that's too hard to answer. My new record coming out now which is pretty cool, I like that but some of the stuff I've got coming, and the collabs I'm finding really exciting as well.

Oscar:   How much are the original producers of the tracks you remix involved in the process?

LO'99:    It depends, like when you are doing a remix, what I try to do is get the main, not necessarily hooks but the main individual things that distinguish the song and then use them in my own sort of way, if that makes sense. I just did the one for Moby's Almost Loved.

Oscar:    Get some feedback every now and then with remixes?

LO'99:    Yeah, for that remix for example I really, like straight away the Los Angeles sort of tag line thing was what I could really use there because it sort of stands out those classic Moby chords. The really cool ones that sound like old Moby, it's like "fuck I have to use those because they sound great", and made a new beat.

Oscar:   How much touring in Australia?

LO'99:    I've toured australia heaps, and I've done a lot of the major festivals but just the Sydney stop. I tour 24/7 doing the club shows so I'm in most cities every three months so it's nothing special to have me on festival tour, do you know what I mean? Because I'm in Sydney always doing the Sydney shows.

Oscar:    Ever experience the festivals from an attendees perspective?

LO'99:    Yeah, I've been to all of them, never a camping one. There is like splendor and stuff which is on right now or just on tomorrow, but I haven't been to splendor yet. I think there was a possibility of me playing there this year, but I'm here so I'm pretty happy to be here.

Oscar:    We're happy to have you & look forward to set your set later tonight, thanks!