Dutch promotional company Alda Events has gone ahead and taken a slice of some of SFX’s assets including SFX Europe, ID&T, and Sensation Brazil. In a strange turn of events, Alda Events was actually one of the companies that SFX had intended on purchasing. 
In its prime SFX Entertainment was buying companies left right and centre, including attempting to purchase the one that ultimately used its demise to turn the tables.
he owners of Alda, Allan Hardberg and David Lewis, followed this by exercising a “put option” for a percentage of shares, meaning that they had the option to sell assets at a particular price that is agreed upon on or before a certain date. Though SFX attempted to propose other alternatives, Hardberg and Lewis moved forward and have now taken back those Alda shares that SFX already claimed and also took the shares for Sensation Brazil, SFX Europe, and ID&T. They have also repossessed SFX business accounts with ING, Rabobank, ABN Amro and Deutsche Bank Netherlands.