Stephanie & Ramon had the pleasure to interview Pulsatorz after his Trauma Live Tour performance at Verboten NYC. Latest Track "Chords" Out NOW on Scantraxx Silver!

Stephanie: Growing up in Queens NY where almost no knew of hardstyle, how did it make an entrance into your life?

Pulsatorz: I got started DJing at the early age of 12 and was into Trance and Hard Trance. In 2005 I was searching for music and came across a Pavo & Zany set from Decibel 2005, I was hooked from that point on.

Ramon: What was your personal struggles to get to where you are now? Sacrifices? 

Pulsatorz: Countless hours of working on music. Music production is much more than just grabbing presets and samples.In order to succeed I had to learn what music actually was and how it was composed. I'm still learning today and I'm sure it will never end. I was lucky enough to have friends who have been musicians for years prior to us meeting and forming the original 4 man group of Pulsatorz.  I get completely engulfed in making music and forget about almost everything else.

Stephanie: It was originally 4 members to start. Do you think that going solo was what helped you rise?

Pulsatorz: Yes.  A big part of the reason as to why we made the group decision to split was to make getting gigs a bit easier.  Travel costs for multiple people can get crazy expensive and most promoters just don't have the funds to cover a group of 4.  Because I'm able to travel more efficiently solo its helped put money into our studio funds to add more equipment and help create a path for my friends to follow in.  We still work together very frequently and Internally the only thing that changed is that we all have our own solo releases


Ramon: Just dropped “Get Away” not too long ago as AMP. Should we expect more colabs with your old team?

Pulsatorz: That will happen more often in due time. I want Arterial and Michael Phase to focus on their goal and to build their name up. Since the AMP releases Arterial has won the EDC Discovery contest for Basscon in 2015 and Michael Phase has had his first solo hardstyle track on Hard With Style. Once they have a good amount of their music done and ready to release we will work on the AMP project again. I personally can't wait!

Stephanie: As for you, what should we expect from you this year?

Pulsatorz: I'm trying to get as much music out as possible, the more music I put out the more exposure I get. With the exposure comes the events and that's the most fun. More tracks = more gigs!

Ramon: EDC Vegas was a big hit for you last year, what other festivals are you targeting?

Pulsatorz: Here in the USA I dont think it gets any bigger than EDCLV so I would love to play there again. I would also love to play Chile Defqon or anything in Europe!  Chile seems to have a crazy passion that burns super bright, and as for Europe I've always had a thing for huge arena events.

Stephanie: What do you think the future of hardstyle will be in the US? What do you hope it turns out to be like?

Pulsatorz: I honestly don't know. I see it growing in certain parts of the US but I also see it shrinking or just non-existent in others. I think that the size of the USA is what will be our biggest downfall in the growth of this genre. We are MASSIVE in size and everything is so spread out so its a lot harder for things to trend all over unless there is a huge media outlet dedicated towards it. I hope it turns out to be popular, it's really a great genre that has energy like no other.

Ramon: It’s heart warming to see a New Yorker doing it big in hardstyle. What do you want to say to all the people that tried to kill your dreams?

Pulsatorz: If it wasn't for the people that hate on me/wish me failure I wouldn't have this fire inside of me that makes me work as hard as I do. Keep it up because it fuels me. 

Stephanie: Lastly any words for your fans?

Pulsatorz: I want to thank you all for holding it down and giving me as much support as you have been giving, without you there is no me! I'm excited to keep giving you music and playing shows! It's truly a pleasure to know that the music makes you dance in the clubs, helps motivate you on the way to work & school or just for your listening pleasures. 

I really want to thank my fiancé for being as supportive as she has been, she has literally been here since day one and always helped lead me in the right direction and put up with my shit. I love you!

I also have to thank my friends/partners Tom, Arterial, Michael Phase, CiM, Mekanikal, Sogma & Reactor for everything they do for me. Without all of you I don't think that I would have gotten this far. It's our time to shine!

Thank you for the insight into Pulsatorz! Hardstyle in NYC was sensational!