Written by Marco Penta
Photos by Poselski Brothers

The night started with a meet & greet with Bear Grillz hosted by Alex Diamond at Dave & Buster's in Times Square. This was the pre-party to Excision’s two-day take over of PlayStation Theater. Most meet & greets are impersonal events, where the artist usually takes a few pics with the fans and then leaves quickly. This one was so casual that I didn't even recognize Bear Grillz hanging out and drinking within the crowd of the basshead squad. After signing colorful snapbacks with pins, red flannel shirts and spray painted signs, Bear Grillz politely thanked everyone and warned us to get to the venue to catch his set.

On the escalator ride down to the PlayStation Theater, you could feel the tension in the air building up and feel the thumping of the bass getting stronger. Tattooed, wildly pierced and overly friendly fans in rave gear hugged each other, got ‘Excision Special’ drinks and played PlayStation demos while they waited for the rest of their friends to make it through security. We walked inside the dark theater, dimly lit by huge round chandeliers, supernova like strobes and sharp green lasers, as sweat, drinks and even bras, flew through a sea of head bangers.

Bear Grillz was playing dub versions of familiar hits songs such as, Blink 182's "What's my age again" and Drowning Pool's "Let the Bodies hit the floor" to get the crowd warmed up. Behind the bear costume you can sense a devilish smile as he turned it up a notch, with Datsik and his version of "Red lips." Next up, Figure tapped in with his heavily focused face and sweat dripping hair. He continued the steady energy spike, as the sea of fans grew even bigger. Figure broke down and molded the crowd to serve them to the main act. After his set, the lights had to come on to save everyone from the wild mosh pit as they prepped the elaborate stage.

A wall of red lasers formed a grid, lighting up the faces of a rave sub-culture that united over their love of heavy bass music. They were ready to release all frustrations as Excision took the stage. A booming bass drop cuts through the crowd like a shockwave from an earthquake or a rocket flying by at full speed. All our internal organs shake, paralyzing us as our bodies are forcefully taken for a heavy ride. "Paradox" drops as the crowd fights back and erupts with energy.

The 3D like visuals are so mesmerizing that I feel like I'm trapped in a video game, but I’m up for the challenge. The crowd navigates through ancient tombs, jungles, rough seas, alien spaceships, crowds of attacking zombies and skeletons on this journey. There was even a fiery angelic heaven scene where large wings emerge from Excision and a white orb emits lights, which bounced off the crowd collecting all our souls. When the game was over, it was clear that Excision had leveled us up to a higher sate of consciousness. The music, vibe and production came together for a phenomenal experience that is not one to be missed!