Chris Mazuras aka Sirch is a 26-year-old producer from Melbourne, Australia. He began making music at the tender age of 19 just out of curiosity and for a bit of fun. 7 years later Sirch has made a massive impact in the minimal techno scene. From beginning as a self-taught producer studying a Business degree at Swinburne University in 2009 to hitting number 1 on the Hard Techno Beatport charts in 2016.

Oscar: We want to thank you for taking some time to chat & producing a guest mix. We’ve been in touch since your track ‘Delhi’ with William Kiss was used as a soundtrack for a humourous, techno video meme. With it’s almost 3 and half million views the comments have been very positive about the video edit! How’s it feel to read such praise of just a small snippet of your art?

Chris: Thank you for taking the time to speak with me and for your support on your website. To be honest, almost 4 million views feels quite surreal it hasn’t sunk in for me yet. It has only been recent that the stats I am seeing for my tracks and mixtapes on both YouTube and SoundCloud have been hitting around 10k to 100k plays and views in the past year. I am astonished with 3.5 million views for the techno meme it feels great. That will be a hard record to beat. I hope you guys enjoy the guest mix!

Oscar: How did you & William get together on this project?

Chris: We became friends on Facebook shortly before we made this track. He was messaging me telling me he loved my music and he showed me what he was making as well and I also liked what he was making. He is still a very young producer, up and coming but he does love his techno music and I was quite impressed with what he is making being such a young producer. He sent me the vocals and kick drum for the track and we went from there, everything was done online. Oxytech Records wanted us to make a two track EP after we sent them “Delhi” and so we sent what we made to each other back and forth until the tracks were completely done. “Sideshow” was the second song on the EP, which also charted in the Hard Techno charts on Beatport at number 90. I didn’t actually meet William in person until a few months after the release. We caught up for a few drinks at the local techno club in Melbourne called ‘Circus’ and celebrated. We can’t believe Delhi is still sitting in the top 100 almost a year after its release.

Oscar: What’s your next release fans should keep an eye out for?

Chris: My latest techno track I have made is called “In The Veins” which I have not sent to a label yet. It is also a very dark, deep and mellow techno track inspired by the likes of Boris Brejcha and Victor Ruiz. However, I have been making loads of new tunes recently it doesn’t take me too long to make a new song so I am sure there is plenty for fans to be looking forward to in the near future.

Oscar: You have regular releases on your soundcloud, which are you proudest of?

Chris: I am trying to release a song every week at the moment to keep my fans happy and also to build a bigger following. I wasn’t always able to make tracks this quickly either so that has been helping me a lot. To be honest, I am quite proud of most of my releases. It’s interesting to see how people react to all kinds of different songs. The three songs I am most proud of though are called “Buckle”, “G4” and “Likes of You” which were all released on DC10 Records around 2 years ago. All three of these tunes had a great response in Melbourne when they first came out and I did put quite a lot of effort into these tunes. I was still a producer on the rise when this EP was released and it gives me quite a lot of good memories.

Oscar: Any interests you have outside of music you wish you had more time for?

Chris: This is a very good question. Music has taken up a lot of my time especially in the beginning when I was learning how to produce. I use to spend all of my time in my ex girlfriend’s shed making music which in turn had some impact on the relationship. I have been single for the past 4 years and music has had a lot to do with that. My working life has also suffered because I spend a lot of my time producing. I still manage to exercise quite frequently and to socialize and hang out with my friends but at the end of the day my hard work is paying off and I am glad for that. I don’t necessarily feel like I am missing out on anything, there’s always time for another girlfriend and hopefully one day I can make a good career out of my music but building a name for myself has been hard and something that I have to stay committed to until I get up there with the big boys.

Oscar: What if any instruments do you play? Anything you feel would be helpful as a child to learn if they aspire to be a producer?

Chris: When I was younger I played a lot of instruments, I always had a love for music that’s for sure. I started very young playing the keyboard and piano in primary school and then I moved onto the saxophone when I started high school, which I didn’t really like too much. As I got a little bit older I experimented with the guitar and I also had a few lessons on the drums. In the future I want to buy myself a drum kit and learn it again because I didn’t feel like I ever gave myself enough time to properly acquire the skills I need for it. The drums are definitely my favorite instrument and I believe that shows in my music because a lot of my tunes are very percussive and instrumental. I also love heavy metal and hardcore music so I think the drums would be a great instrument to get into. I think that learning any instrument is a great hobby to have and this did help me in my productions later on in my life. To be honest though, producing on a computer and playing an instrument are two very different things. You have to be good with computers as well to make dance music, which I am sure the new generation will not have much trouble with.

Oscar: As a prolific producer do you have any words of advice for those teaching themselves?

Chris: I believe at the core of anything you must love what you do. If your heart is not in you are wasting your time. This is something that requires a lot of energy and time put into it. You have to be committed. Music started out as a hobby for me but then I grew a liking to it and I haven’t gone back since. I never really thought of myself as a natural musician either, I spent a lot of time learning new things and developing my skills so don’t think you have to be God’s gift to the world in order to make something of yourself. I have had a lot of ups and downs with my music and it has had a great impact on my life both good and bad. There has been numerous times where I wanted to give up but I have stuck to my dream and I haven’t quit no matter how hard it has been. I believe that success in anything takes everything out of you so I would definitely advise people to be prepared for anything and to do whatever it takes to stay in the right road. There are so many tools and resources especially on the Internet now these days to learn how to produce and to also help you with marketing your brand. I am glad because it is now easier than ever to become successful. Persistence is very important and don’t be afraid to fail. You will fail more than you succeed, failure is inevitable you can’t avoid it but you learn from failure and it makes the success all the much sweeter. Life is a journey and I wish people all the best in their future endeavors, whether it be in music or any other areas in their life.