There's no WMC Miami without our annual boat party. Here's a little aftermovie capturing the best moments of this superb 6 hours sunset cruise.

Oscar -  Thank you for taking time out of your busy touring schedule for a quick chat. The NYC trance scene is very excited to have you back at Webster Hall on November 11th. NYC was very fortunate Webster Hall & Club Exit appreciated your unique sound, bringing you back to our city since the early 2000s rather regularly which I was fortunate to witness. After forming Cosmic Gate where was your first booking in America, one of these two venues?

Cosmic Gate - Yes, together with Shadow Lounge in Miami and Club Glow in DC. You guys were one of the very first clubs we played for back then, very young US dance market. So indeed we look back to a 15 year plus history together, so many good memories, we can’t wait for our return to NYC and finally play for you guys in this history charged room again. It’s been way too long!

Armin Van Buuren playing Cosmic Gate - Exploration of Space (Cosmic Gate's Third Contact Remix) at TomorrowLand 2015

Oscar - Anything you miss from those days that you feel is missing for better or for worse? How has business changed since forming around 17 years ago?

Cosmic Gate - Oh, we could speak for hours now, the music scene back then and today, it’s basically two different worlds we are talking about. Biggest differences are on the DJ and production side. We were all analog in our studio back then. Our DJ sets were on Vinyl, while these days’ things are basically fully digital in the studio and our DJs ets are on CDJs. At least the gear company is still the same ☺The other huge difference is the marketing side. Social media has changed everything, marketing is way closer to the fans today. News can be shared way more easy. Then the music itself is totally different of course. Dance music was a relatively new genre, and ever since then its been basically taking over the world. Dance music made its way from first underground clubs, to ruling mainstream radio in recent years with all the good and bad sides it brings. For us with all the changes, one thing will always be in the center of what we do and this is to write music that matters. Music that touches us, running behind trends is not ours, and our passion for music is what drives us, now and back then…

Oscar - You officially remixed the ‘I See You’ Theme from the film Avatar, has there been another movie theme you’ve heard that either of you feel could work with your unique sound?

Cosmic Gate - That’s a hard to answer question honestly. Liking a Movie Theme doesn’t mean its easy to transform it into something that works in a club. The Game of Thrones Theme for example is just amazing, hard to put it into a cool club dress though… So lets see what the future holds, maybe even try to write something cinematic on our own, lets see…

Cosmic Gate playing @ Webster Hall 2010.03.20 Track: Leona Lewis - I See You (Theme From 'Avatar') (Official Remix By Cosmic Gate)

Oscar - Your New York, Vancover, & Miami Yacht Parties are huge hits, any chance of it going to any other cities?

Cosmic Gate - Yeah somehow us and boats always seems to click very well. It’s so much fun for all sides involved, so yeah, lets see what other cities we can add to this list. We are always open for more ☺

Oscar - What venue have you not performed at yet that you’re both hoping to visit in the future?

Cosmic Gate - Even with so many years on the road there is always places we have not played at. Festivals we did not have the pleasure to attend, so yeah, absolutely! We hear Red Rock in Colorado is breathtaking for example. It feels good to have these goals to still achieve, we are ready for it!

Oscar - When you’re ready to debut a new release, do you prefer a live event, your Wake Your Mind Radio podcast, or festival & why?

Cosmic Gate - Most of the time we test new tracks in our club sets, play them out unannounced and see how they work the crowd. How they feel to us, how the mixdown sounds etc etc.. Maybe Webster Hall is good for such a test as well, keep your eyes and ears open…

Dance music's most innovative duo re-team with one of the scene's hottest vocal properties for the first major single to be taken from their new artist album 'Wake Your Mind'.

Oscar - Any vocal artists you’d like to find a project to work with in the future?

Cosmic Gate - Oh sure, there is plenty of artists out there we find interesting and hope to get into the studio together with. What’s very interesting and challenging to us as well though, is try to find new talent. New voices that have not been discovered yet, something new and fresh to combine with our music, this will always be the goal too.

Oscar - Might we see a Back 2 The Future type of compilation album featuring remixes of your other tracks?

Cosmic Gate - We have no current plans for it now but there sure will be a part 2 of Back to The Future, that’s not out of the question. We feel a lot of our tunes will be ready for an update again soon. First priority though will be to focus on brand new material to come out in 2017…

Oscar - What upcoming projects should super fans keep an eye out for now that Event Horizon with Ferry Corsten has been released? Any solo singles in the works?

Cosmic Gate - Indeed, as just mentioned before, we do not only have solo singles planned, we are hard working to get a whole new album ready for release in early 2017! This full album will contain these mentioned solo tracks but also more collaborations with singers and other DJ colleagues besides Ferry. Watch out! we are very excited about it, news will be out very soon!

Oscar - You’re headlining for the second time the Trance Festival Dreamstate two weeks after Webster Hall. How excited were you to hear there was going to be a serious effort to please the true trance fans with multi-day events on each coast and now beyond?

Cosmic Gate - Oh, the pure fact of such a full on major Trance Event to happen again, and mostly to sell it out every time, simply shows that the market is there for it and how big the trance community actually is! On top the wish of general dance music fans for something that is not as overplayed like edm or trap seems to get bigger too. Music with more heart and emotion is wanted again, a music that goes deeper somehow, isn’t so generic, so yeah we are happy to be part of Dreamstate, and hope its just the beginning of a even bigger renaissance of Trance music overall.

Oscar - During downtime where do you two like to travel to escape? Is there something we might find surprising that either of you do to unwind outside of music?

Cosmic Gate - We do not have any spectacular hobbies or surprising things we do. As so many people in our profession have rare free time, we just like to chill, see a nice beach, enjoy good dinners and spend time with friends and family. Nothing out of the ordinary, but certainly an important thing to do. To clear the head and recharge the batteries to be fresh for new things to come, like starting with an album tour in January 2017 ☺

Thanks Guys!

TYVM, see you guys very soon!