Cover Photo: Carpe Momentum Media

Coming to an end of a year, when it comes to the New Year people take that time to reflect on memories, what they accomplished and much more. For promotion company REACT, 2015 has been an amazing year for the Chicago promotion company. With many successful events behind them they knew they had to bring in the New Year making it a bang for what’s in store for the next year to come and they did that to say the least.

Walking in with excitement, the lines were packed. Just like any show once you are in the doors there is this lift on enlightenment and my first act of the night was Cherub. They were electrifying! The first time seeing them and their energy was amazing and had an awesome set! They communicated with the crowd gaining a amazing response.

The arena reminded me of an airplane hanger rave in New York from a 90s rave scene. Felt like that warehouse rave scene with a modern twist. The crowd had so much love in the air it was amazing and you could feel the energy and vibes of everyone all excited to bring in the New Years and celebrate their past year accolades.

Deadmau5 put on one hell of a set that was a roller coaster which is usually is for me. Emotionally his set got so deep that you could feel it in the air and then of course the rage!  He rages and he did a lot of his old stuff and got deep into his sets like he used to. I really don’t think he’s as into as he used to be and is declining as an artist when it comes to putting forth effort but he doesn’t need to because he's a genius in my eyes! He put on a killer set as he always does.

Photo: Greg Rothstein

Photo: Greg Rothstein

Night two Autograf! Holy smokes did they put on one heck of a show. The Floozies, who was who I came for just got groovy with the funk! Those guys know how to lay it down and the crowd got funky all to the groove beats of their set.

Nearing the ball drop attendee’s were faced with a choice between Skrillex at the main stage or Get Real- a collab of Green Velvet and Claude VonStroke. I stuck with the main stage for this one. Skrillex led up to New Years with an emotional video detailing humanities best moments of 2015, a great way to lead into 2016 with a bang. When the clock struck midnight he proceeded into an explosive heavy bass set.

Reaction New Year’s Eve was one for the books, there is no doubt about that. They did it right and I’m glad that was my NYE choice. Overall I enjoyed myself and thought the event ran as smoothly as it could for its first year.