A fresh treat from Doctor P! The Circus Records co-founder and scene figurehead thunders back into view with the weighty stomp of ‘Bubblehead’, a 128bpm bass juggernaut.

Since I first received this song, I have yet to stop jamming out to it. From the intro, to the break, to the tease of a drop, every beat entices me to want to move my feet. After the drop we are gifted with an ADDICTIVE BASS DRUM PATTERN that replaces the common "four on the floor" that we hear too often. THIS MIX IS THE PERFECT TREAT for hoopers, shufflers, jumpers, poi spinners, glovers and the simple fist pumping "bro",(lol).

"Bubblehead" is an idealistic road trip or party song. The beat calls to your soul as soon as it hits the speakers. I can't decide if I want to shuffle or hoop to it so I just do both. It reminds me of a house party that goes until the sun comes up. It's absolutely a song for rebels, and bass heads alike, "I'm never listening that's what my mother said," one of the few repeated lines in the song, confirms that. So if one is in the mood, to jam out, nod ur head, fist pump, or hoop, DEFINITELY press play and put this song on repeat. I know I did.

Track Review By: Dominique Pickett ~ Photos By: Kelly Flores