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Hi, Matt Lynch here with Electric Vibes, live at Electric Adventure (Music Festival) in Atlantic City, NJ.  I'm with Hard-Dance Diva Lady Faith, and she has accepted the chance to answer some questions for us, in gaining a better insight into her career. We are all excited for your set tonight, so let's get started! 

But before we begin, I have seen you perform numerous times and over the last year or so, I have noticed an exciting difference. In live sets, you have demonstrated improved mixing, superior track selection; ranging from the uplifting sounds of Euphoric, to the extreme heavy-hitting sounds of Rawstyle. You have really shown your versatility and ability to put together a great DJ set. Respect.

Lady Faith: Thank you


What have you been working on differently and what has inspired you to test the waters within your track selection during live sets?


Lady Faith: Well, recently I have been working on creating new tracks. I am primarily sticking with the Euphoric sounds but I have also been experimenting with a little Rawstyle on the side. I like to experiment. A song I recently created called Basic Bitch has a drop comprised of Big Room House. It was very tough to bring that style in and out of a Hardstyle tempo but it was worth it just to see the fans faces as they were caught off guard. I am one of the few DJ’s to create a Hardstyle track around Classic Opera Carmen La Habanera in this situation. With me, you never know what to expect.

As Far as my sets go…they are always like an emotional roller-coaster. I will take you up, I will bring you down. I will grab you and smack you up against the wall. I love Euphoric very much and I am starting to love Rawstyle just as much. I think the American fans are starting to appreciate the complexity and power of Hardstyle and the future of the scene looks bright. At my sets, the fans love to dance and it is the job of a good DJ to take control of the music and keep the room energized. You have to be very fit to be in this business.

Lady Faith Throwing it Down in Style @ Nocturnal Wonderland 20th Anniversary

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Have you ever felt you had to set the bar higher to perform due to any obstacles you have had to overcome? What kind of obstacles have you experienced being a popular female DJ and how do you handle any negative energy associated with the territory? Also, what part do your colleagues play in all of this?


Lady Faith: I don’t feed into it. When I’m on stage, I’m in my element, and I do whatever I feel like or whatever is needed to keep the fans entertained. Maybe in the beginning, I felt I had to prove myself and my skill-set to people, but I got over that real quickly. I believe in myself and I refuse to think that I am inferior to any other professionals in my genre. Unfortunately, the current system isn’t designed to give females any real advantages so the expectations can sometimes be ridiculously high. You have to earn your fans the hard way these days. There are no shortcuts and that has always been my style.

As for the negative energy, it is part of the scene and while I support the concept of PLUR, I respect the fans ability to have opinions and in this game, you have to flow with the punches. I try to focus on the positive fans that support me, support my sound and they are the real reason I have never quit this very complex and not particularly female friendly industry.

As far as my colleagues go, I understand that this is a business and competition is fierce. I think that many European DJ’s have been waiting for our American scene to grow bigger and hopefully they will play a larger role in supporting the local talent in the future.  I think the fans respect those artists that truly want to be here and make an impact in their daily lives, and they don’t respect those artists that take their fandom for granted. It’s a challenge for the local Hardstyle talent get noticed on an international scale, but I think it will happen soon, on the backs of the vocal, passionate and dedicated American fans that want their voices to be heard across the world.

Matt: That’s an amazing attitude and I wish more people adopt that way of seeing it. Honestly, if people want to see the scene grow they need to begin with themselves. That type of dedication and unselfish outlook, for the overall growth of the sound is what is necessary.

Lady Faith @ Nocturnal Wonderland 20th Anniversary                                                    

Track: Lady Faith - Basic B*tch (Unreleased) 

Video Credit: Insomniac/Youtube

I know many people would love to hear more production from you. Are there any upcoming projects or coll-abs in the works?


Lady Faith: It’s really hard to create quality Hardstyle. The levels of production that the European artists have set is amazing. Technically, the music is complex and time consuming, more so than any other EDM genre in my honest opinion. I can’t even begin to mention how many songs have been trashed because of quality issues, but it’s a process and it is starting to get smoother. My fans can expect some amazing music from me over the next year. I know it has been a little slow, but I promise everybody that it will be well worth the wait.

Right now I have a bunch of completed songs and more to come. My latest track, Break Free is a really emotional song and I can’t wait to play it live for the first time. Most of my energy has been spent on another project that I hope will redefine the American Hardstyle sound and should be announced soon. I am not looking to release any of my songs yet, but I will be playing them at all of my upcoming gigs for those fans that want to hear them.

Matt: I try to make it to all your shows out here on the East Coast. Everyone should also try to share the love, at least for the American Hard Dance support. Obviously, we need more out here which we are all working on.


How did you fall in love with Hard Dance and what inspired you to pursue it as a career?


Lady Faith: When I started, my passion was Hard Trance and Hard House. When both of those genres morphed into Hardstyle, I naturally followed and now the music is getting even harder and the sonic control is getting more and more defined. I love Hardstyle because it is the pinnacle of EDM in my opinion and I love the challenge of creating music in such a high standard genre.

The story of why I became a DJ is a long one, but basically this is my expression of freedom and that is a very important aspect of my life that many people without my history could never fully understand.

My inspirations at the beginning were a couple of women from the British Hard Trance scene – Lisa Lashes and Anne Savage. I saw them on stage in Los Angeles and I knew if they had the courage to be a performer, then I could too. The rest is history.

Matt: How did you feel about DJ Irene? She was one of my favorites in that category of music.

Lady Faith: Oh! DJ Irene, of course Irene! How could I forget about her!? I even remember going to her shows and standing behind her and just watching her brilliance on stage that was just unmatched by any female DJ at the time. She was a great performer and she really understood how to manage a crowd. Those were the days when the scene was very underground and she was a real inspiration to me as well.

Matt: I understand completely! I remember the first time I heard Hard Dance, especially Hardstyle, and instantly realized that’s my music. It was something I was never going to forget. The entire moment was magical and always seems to be progressing into greater nostalgic experiences . We all know everyone enjoys their own sound, and hopefully enthusiasts of all genres come around, to at least experience it live.

Lady Faith: "I'm also very interested in fashion." 

Photo Credit: Runway Magazine

What are your other hobbies and interests that make up your life, outside the music world?


Lady Faith: I love cooking and baking, those are my hobbies at home. I try to get really creative with my dishes and love to do everything from scratch. I love it! It clears my mind, relaxes me, and I’m also very interested in fashion. It is really an expensive hobby to have, but I love it. I have a terrible shoe addiction but I am known for performing in high heels so it’s easy to justify the outrageous cost.

Matt: Have you thought about your own clothing line?

Lady Faith: Yes definitely, I have been sketching out my own designs, sketching out a lot of different outfits. We will have to wait and see where fashion takes me. I have some plans but they are way too big to do on my own. When the time is right, I will definitely have a clothing line. It just makes sense.


Any exclusive news in your career and what can we expect next?


Lady Faith: New tracks and a new project that will be announced soon. It has taken me many years to be in the position I am in right now and with the backing and support of my "Faithful", it is time for American Hardstyle to make some waves across the oceans.

My new project is backed by some music that really is world class – every bit as good as the very best in the industry. It has taken a year to create, but my fans will be very proud.

Matt: Well congratulations, whatever it is, and I cannot wait to hear about it! I can see the excitement light up inside you when you talk about it and can only recognize it’s something truly special. Electric Vibes and I thank you for your time. I also cannot wait to hear what you bring to the tables tonight! Much love and Respect!

Lady Faith: Yes thank you, I’m really excited to be here and I cannot wait to go on stage either. I just want to go on stage right now!

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Photo Credit: Lady Faith - Taken by: Matt Lynch

This is Matt Lynch signing out from Electric Adventure 2015, oceanfront with American Hard-Dance Diva, Lady Faith. Great words from a highly talented, intelligent, and caring female artist. Her heart is in the right place, and she only expects the best for the American Hard Dance scene. An atmosphere she has positively help shape, and a place she has earned her claim to fame. Most importantly, without losing herself in the mix, her compassion for fans, or her "Faithful" beliefs. All of which have kept her relentless, dedicated, and persistent in the overall growth of the Hard Dance community. We can only support the movement and appreciate all aspects in the escalating future of the sound.

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