Due to travel and time restraints, we were fortunate enough to get in a few questions with Trance legend Ferry Corstein.

Were the SEA Games the first time you were suspended above a crowd for a performance?

No actually. In 2007 at the very first Full on Ferry in my hometown of Rotterdam. We had a whole DJ booth that was flying over the crowd, but it was only back and forth. SEA Games was the very first time flying all over the crowd, all over the place. It was definitely different but was not the first time.

How did you come about to form New World Punx with Markus Schultz?

I've known Markus for a long time. We were at some point in Ibiza at a BBQ of a friend of ours and we were just talking about music. Just hanging out, talking about music, what inspired him back in the day and me and so on. We were like "Oh remember this track?!", "Oh man yeah, let's do something together." "Let's remake this and this track. Let's go!" Then first we were in the studio and we did a production. Not long after that, we were both in England. We sort of sent the warmup guy home and as the closer just do the whole night. Back to back for 7 hours. That was the start; we got such a kick out of it. We were like "you know what, let's do this more often." Then all these requests started coming in from promoters from all over the world. They were like "hey give us a name, it's easier". That was two years ago.

Is there anything that makes TomorrowWorld standout from the rest?

TomorrowWorld is of course the little brother or sister to TomorrowLand. I think what makes it standout, whether it's TomorrowWorld, TomorrowLand or TomorrowLand Brasil, is the production itself. Every festival kind of has similar lineups but in terms of production, decoration and everything, I really think TomorrowLand or TomorrowWorld is just in a league of its own. I mean if you have festival, every festival has a main stage that's great decorated or the second stage is really decorated. But if you have a festival where even the trash can bins are decorated, food stalls the same decoration, and wardrobe with the same themes and it’s just amazing.