Joey Timmer | pikzelz for Mysteryland

Joey Timmer | pikzelz for Mysteryland

Audiofreq Interview at MysteryLand USA 2015

Matt: Hi this is Matt Lynch from Electric Vibes and I'm here with Audiofreq at Mysteryland USA.

Matt: First off, thank you for doing a follow-up interview from your recent performance with g4h in NYC. 

What is going to make your set tonight different from a couple weeks ago, when you played with Gunz For Hire?

Audiofreq: I'm closing tonight which means a completely different approach that I would normally play. Before at the Gunz For Hire night it was kind of in-between, keeping the pace & energy is what it's all about. Tonight it's completely different. This is going to be the last set at the Q-Dance stage and we want to go off with a bang and so the way I've know of  You know changing the tracks, a little bit harder, a little bit rougher. Actually you know I have some ridiculously fast tracks. Bro it's going to get ridiculous, people are going to freak out! So that's how I prepare.

Matt: We talked about how we feel you're helping reach other crowds, especially in America last time we spoke. Besides the new album you're working on, what other ways do you try to achieve this reach?

Audiofreq: I guess what I'm trying to do is more orientated in sort of the sounds I use in my production. So I try to use sounds that are familiar to people outside of Hardstyle. Be it through more of the big room-y stuff, be it through trap, or be it through dubstep. These are the sounds that excited me naturally because they're fresh to me. But using those sounds in a way that both people from Hardstyle and people outside of Hardstyle can understand it means that the music is a little bit more familiar even when it isn't. So when they hear a track for the first time and it's got certain elements and they can pick up on that. I think that's really important to reach people outside of Hardstyle. It doesn't necessarily have to be a complete different world, that's never what hardstyle was about anyway. Hardstyle when it first started off it was let's take existing club music like techno & hard house or whatever & make it a little more beefy. 

So that people can understand it in the clubs. That's what I'm trying to do, I'm trying to go back to those fundamentals but in a new kind of way. A new kind of approach.

Matt: Going into this year's Mysteryland USA, what are you most excited about and how does this differ from last year?

Audiofreq: That's a tough question. I think this year the festival's grown, quite a bit. I'm excited to be back & play to such a dedicated crowd because I find that the people who go to the Q-Dance stage are really super dedicated. My friend's are like "When are you coming?! Where are you?!". So I'm excited about just going back & playing for those people because there is just nothing like playing for such a dedicated crowd. 

Matt: When I watch you on stage you are one with the music. Your positive energy courses thru all our veins, you are a spark plug of hard dance. How do you consistently bring this energy to the tables?

Audiofreq: I guess it's a couple of things, first off it's kinda of like a lot of built up frustration from during week you know. It's like a release, like a therapy, that's number one. Number two I love what I do, so without sounding cheesy it's like I don't mean to do anything. It just sort of comes out if you know what I mean.  

Matt: Right, music is your life, music is all our lives.

Audiofreq: So I'm just having fun with what I'm doing. That's essentially it, that's what you see on stage. Just trying to have fun with what I'm doing because I love what I'm doing. 

Matt: What other passions do you have in life that you also exhibit this powerful energy?

Audiofreq: I don't know, I think it's sort of based on the idea of creation. Because be it, I'm a terrible drawer but I like it. I like editing movies and stuff like that. I like the process of creating something, for me it just happens with music. That's just an avenue I find that works for me. That I'm probably better skilled at than drawing or anything else. I don't know, I just think being creative is what I'm passionate about, and that avenue happens to be music.

Matt: Are we going to see any famous paintings?

Nika: Next thing you know Audiofreq graffiti

Audiofreq: Yes Black on Black, something really original (laughs)

Matt: I'll be looking out for that.

Matt: How did the name Audiofreq form?

Audiofreq: It's a really cheesy answer no really. Ok so Bioweapon split up and then Code Black started his name. So I needed something and started to list things off in alphabetical order. I need to start with a B or an A. So I started to write some stuff down. Audio, well I work with audio, that's what I do. I started putting some words before it and after it and stuff like that. So thought what do I do with audio, I'm a bit of a freak on stage & also when I'm twisting sounds around and so forth. Audiofreak let's get frequency and there we go. So that's kind of how it went about.

Matt: Well it suits you. Thank you for your time, and we can't wait for your set tonight! Cya on the dance floor.

Audiofreq: Let's go get freaky!