Photo credit: Joey Timmer | pikzelz for Mysteryland

During their First time here in the United States, Electric Vibes was fortunate enough to grab a few words with the Hardstyle duo Bass Modulators at Mysteryland USA.

Hey, I’m Nika Corwin with Electric Vibes. Killer set, you guys were awesome! You just mentioned that this is your first time in the United States. How do you feel about that?

It’s really awesome to be here. We did 1 ½ years to complete our Visas to try to come here and it has been a long way. This weekend has been all about jet lag, flying, and no sleep. We did LA and now New York for Mysteryland with no sleep but it’s worth it. Totally. It’s unbelievable and overwhelming. It’s like we’ve never experienced something like this before. When we came here, it was total madness. It was like, “What the hell just happened?!”  

You guys have been in the scene since about 2007. What do you think about the scene that’s changed since then?

Back then it was a little bit less complicated. Nowadays it has evolved into something bigger. Something where you can earn more money and there is more at stake for promoters. A little more political then back in the day. For the music, the music keeps being brilliant. If we watch the new guys now that are 16, 17, 18 years old, they are making music that we couldn’t do when we were 16. It keeps evolving and growing. We love it! It’s a lot more musical than in 2007. In the beginning, it was more about the catchy vocals and simple melodies. Now, it’s real composition. You get goose bumps all over the place from the melodies versus in 2007. It was simpler than this.

What inspired you to do Hardstyle as your music genre?

It was a bit random because we both were into club trance and house music back then. We did a couple demos in house music, trance and hard trance. One night we were fooling around and we said “Hey there’s Hardstyle stuff going around, we can do that as well.” We made two demos and three weeks later we were signed with Tatanka’s label in Italy. A little bit unexpected because our name was a little bit like modulation on a keyboard and we were like “Ya, let’s do that.” In one minute we decided stuff and thought it was a good composition of the two words and it looks cool. Now we’re stuck with it.

Audiotricz is featured in your single “Feel Good,” what was it like working with them?

Very good! They are really creative guys. They are young and very enthusiastic. It was pretty fun because Roland does A&R Scantraxx. When he got the track, right away he said that these guys were doing a great job and we have to make a track with them. I think about a week later we were in the studio with them and it worked out perfectly. Three weeks later the track was done.

How did you guys become a duo? How did you guys collaborate and become one?

We’ve known each other since high school, so we were like 12, 13, something like that. We both had a passion for music and Roland started DJing and I started with producing. We came together one day and decided to come together and make a track. It was in the MSN messaging period so we were all online like 24-7 sending each other tracks, “Hey what do you think about this melody, what do you think about this?” It then came to Hardstyle was like, “Lets make Hardstyle” and that’s how it came.

Not too long ago, you released a video for your sensational hit “Oxygen.” Is there any new music brewing in the future?

Lots. Ah man, we want to give you guys a little scoop but it may be too soon. We have stuff going on with Noisecontrollers. Really, big, stuff. It’s safe to say we’re going to do a creative collaboration with Noisecontrollers this summer. We have pretty cool music on shelf to be released and to be used this summer in big festivals and on big stages. It’s going to be really fun, really different, so we hope people will be open to it. It’s still 150 bpm, it’s still Hardstyle but it’s different. I hope people will understand and when they do, I think people will be in love with it because we are.

Just a random question off the track. Obviously music is your passion, but other than that, what are your two favorite things to do?

Oh man. Partying is one of them. We started as party animals on the dance floor and I think we still are. Maybe in another way but our hearts still beat for dance music for 150 bmp. Besides that, I love movies, love to hang out with friends, you know the regular stuff. Little bit of gaming and just normal stuff really. We are just normal guys that do normal nights with friends and beer pong. That’s the thing because we started on the dance floor and not in the studio, that’s the power we have. We dare to go back to a track from 2008 and then play one from 2014 because we think it fits. You have to make these sets a waving motion. If you do a straight set with just all hits people will get bored. You have to have a melody, the straight dub version of a track and then a B side. Add an oldie and then a new one. It all has to be like a wave. That’s what we used to love from older DJs form when we were on the dance floor for Tiësto and all the guys we saw, DJ Jean and all the guys from back in the day. They did this and set the example to build up a set like this and that’s how we keep doing it. Maybe that’s why we sound a little bit different but maybe it’s a good thing.

Thank you again Bass Modulators for taking the time to meet with us and we look forward to seeing more of you guys here in the United States!