What's your favorite city to play in and why? Who has the best crowd?

Jordan/David - Without a doubt our favorite city to play in would be New York City. Possibly the greatest city in the world. There is no better place to play at then in your home city and do it right in front of family and friends, it just makes everything 10x’s better. We have nothing but love for New York City. In terms of the best crowd, we would have to say Denver, Colorado. They are party animals and the amount of energy they bring to a nightclub is like being at a festival. Much love to our Denver fans!

If you can trade places with any person/artist, who would it be?

Jordan/ David – Axwell’s Son. I feel like that kid has no idea how much he could learn from his dad. What's the craziest thing that's happened during one of your sets? Jordan - I’m not sure if I am allow to say this but lets just say that it has to do with Tommy Trash, I think the name speaks for itself. LOL!

David – Jordan took a nap for the first half of our set, can’t say when & where but he killed it when he woke up haha!

Did any mishaps ever happen during one of your shows? Technical, physical, etc.

Jordan- Last year when we played at Governors Island in New York with Thomas Gold, we were only notify a few days before that we would be playing on the main stage being the 2nd opening act for Thomas. Leading up to the gig, I was so excited that the same day of the gig while we were eating lunch in New York, I slipped inside the Chipotle Restaurant and sprained my ankle just minutes before heading to Governors Island. I literally DJ standing on 1 foot LOL.

David- When we headlined at Beta Nightclub in Denver there were 3 cdj’s instead of 4, but we didn’t realize the second cdj was broken, so we played through our intro and cued up the second t track and it looped the first 8 bars because the looped button had been jammed in. All in all we had to wing it, and loop like half the song to get another cdj plugged in and mix out of it haha.

Any new music brewing in the future?

Jordan/ David – Yes we have a lot of new music on the way. We have a few collaborations with Manufactured Superstars, Patric La Funk, Mikael Weermets, and a few more artist who are on the rise. We also just signed a track called “Lumen” which should be out soon on WKND Records.

You two have over 27k followers on Twitter and over 4,000 plays on your new remix of Galantis' “Gold Dust”, what was it like working on that track with Louis & Prada?

Jordan- Louis & Prada are young talented artist who have a lot of potential on becoming something special if they work hard in their craft. They approached us a few months ago to work on a project together that involved Remixing Galantis record “Gold Dust”. Since we wanted to try something new and different we agreed to the collaboration and the rest is history.

David - For us, we love collaborating with new artist, weather it be experienced or upcoming, it doesn’t really matter. The cool thing about music is that everybody has a really unique approach, and its always nice to get into someone else’s mindset and ideas because not only do you learn new things, but you also create something very unique. As for the Gold Dust collaboration, it was really fun working with Louis & Prada, because we got to contrast from our regular “groove” based sound, and kinda go for a more commercial anthemic approach, and were really proud of it!

What's the biggest compliment either of you have gotten from anyone in your life? Could be an artist or anyone else!

Jordan/David - When we first started out as duo’s a lot of people did not believe in our music and sound. Shortly after when we started to pick up support from a lot of different DJ’s, we met these duo’s from the West Coast who had so much faith in us and pretty much lifted us up when we were at our lowest point. We remember talking to Brad for the first time last year, Brad is actually the original founder of Beatport and he is 1/2 of the duo Manufactured Superstars and also owns one of the biggest nightclub in the United States. We had played at HQ Nightclub with them in Atlantic City right before HQ closed down and after our set Brad took us to the side and told us that we have no idea how great we are in terms of productions and DJ’in and he said the door for us just opened and its up to you guys to go through that door and take advantage of all the opportunities that are thrown in front of you. To hear that coming from someone whose an innovator and who has done so much for the music industry, it was a great feeling to feel.

What's your favorite aspect about New York?(Being from Queens, mine's obviously the pizza!)

Jordan- HA! Pizza is amazing… I would have to say my favorite aspect about New York aside from their delicious pizza has to be the simple fact that you can get Chinese food delivered to your apartment or house in 5 minutes. That does not happen anywhere else in the world LOL. I’m huge fan of Chinese food!

David – Id have to say the city at night is the best. It’s the city that never sleeps, and its honestly true, you can really do anything at anytime in New York and that’s what’s so great about it for me.

How did you two come together? Tell us a little bit about your duo and your history.

Jordan/David - I (Jordan) got into Dance Music at a very young age, I use to do a lot of Teen Nights in New Jersey and New York and I promoted myself on Myspace back when Myspace was big. So one day I got a message from a kid who had an idea to create this music festival in our town from were we are from. I thought the idea was great but how would two kids create a festival with $0. We fast forward two years later and that same kid who contacted me about creating that festival ends up asking me for a collaboration and I was kind of iffy about it at first because working with someone who is younger then you isn’t the greatest look but I decided to go forward with it to see what he has to offer. And sure enough he had a lot to offer for his age and I was blown away by his talent. So we started working on different material together and we finally had our first record ready to go the only problem was we needed a name and we created a name that would represent myself and David. Shortly after that we made it official to be duo’s and we started working on so many different projects and right before we were going to call it quits on the whole duo thing, we ended up getting support from Thomas Gold and Roger Sanchez, so we ended up saying to ourselves maybe theres hope for us in this industry, maybe we have a chance on making it so we continued on being duo’s but we changed our names to Digital Junkiez and since then we have been going strong and it has taken us to so many places that we never thought we could see ourselves in.

As Digital Junkiez is an amazing up and coming dynamic duo, what's your dream festival?

Jordan & David - Thats an easy answer, it would have to be Ultra Music Festival. It’s the biggest festival in the world and its a chance for an artist to showcase his talent behind the DJ Booth but also his productions. Ultra Music Festival is the festival that every kid who wants to be a DJ dreams of playing. If you set a goal that high then your work ethic will be even better and maybe you can achieve that dream one day.

How does it feel to have support from artists such as Tiesto, D.O.D, and Bingo Players?

Jordan&David – Everyday it gets more and more surreal, especially when Tiesto played our Remix to his own record “Take Me”. It was probably the most inspiring moment of our careers, because somebody of that stature thought our music was enjoyable. Since then our support list has grown and just when we thought Tiesto was our biggest supporter, there were other artist out there who inspire us that have supported us as well. Guys like Markus Schulz, Morgan Page, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, Marcus Schossow, Kryder, Tom Staar, those guys have somewhat of an inspiration behind our music and why we do what we do. To be supported by them is honestly a huge achievement in our careers and we look forward to growing that support list onto bigger names in this industry.

David with a background in Tribal & Tech House, and Jordan with a background in Progressive & Minimal House, how did you two blend your so different styles?

Jordan/David – We bought a blender.