Curator Spotlight: Q-Dance

One of the highlights of Mysteryland around the globe is the arrival of the Q-dance stage. Hardstyle in all its heart-thumping kick drums, thumping bass, and party hard inducing glory makes the genre something worthy of our musical appetite. It beckons us to learn how to hardstyle shuffle for this year’s Mysteryland USA too. Based off of Audiofreq’s performance at the Q-dance stage of Mysteryland USA last year, how could you not want to go – in the words of the man himself – “hard at it”?

Q-dance is virtually synonymous to hardstyle, but did you know that the imprint initially began with house music? See! There’s a little “did you know?” for ya! We caught up with Q-dance to learn a little more about their history and impact on not only Mysteryland – but also the hardstyle movement.

While you’re reading along, you can check out our Q-dance playlist here.

Define Q-dance in 5 words.

Powerful, dedicated, authentic, rebellious, [and] hard.

Where did it all begin for Q-dance?

Q-dance was founded in 1999 by a couple of friends in the northern suburbs of Amsterdam. The first event was Houseqlassics, an event that played old school house music. After two editions of Houseqlassics, we introduced two new events called, “91-92” and “Qlimax”. A year later, in 2001, the name of the company was officially changed to Q-dance and a new concept was introduced: Qlubtempo. It was at these events that we started to mish and mash different artists, and really helped introduce and form hardstyle as a new genre of dance music. In only a few years, hardstyle grew into one of the most popular genres in Europe and to this day it is still the primary type of music played at Q-dance events.

What are your thoughts on the current hardstyle scene in the US?

Hard dance music has always had a place in the American scene. Up until 2012, when we hosted a massive stage in Vegas, most hardstyle artists were performing at smaller events scattered throughout the US. Our debut has been a strong catalyst for growth in the US, not only adding fuel to the existing fan base, but also generating a tremendous amount of exposure to those who didn’t listen to hardstyle. Once festival goers get the chance to experience the music in a live setting, they get drawn in by the energy of the crowd and the bass from the kicks, and everything just keeps snowballing from there.

What’s the best part of being in the Q-dance family?

The dedication and commitment from all the fans. They’ve taken it beyond casual listening, and have turned it in to a lifestyle shared by a global community.

What’s one thing fans would be surprised to know about Q-dance?

Our official Illuminati application is still pending.

What is Q-dance looking forward to most at Mysteryland 2015?

We are excited to be hosting a stage again at Mysteryland, joined by our diehard fans of #QSA. We are happy to see the Q-dance family grow year after year and we welcome any newcomers who wants to see what we are all about!