Ahhh, the ‘90s. Let’s have a moment of nostalgia, shall we? The butterfly clips, crop tops (now reincarnated to “chic” instead of edgy in 2015), grunge, and best of all the music scene made the ‘90s so much fun. That’s why we’re gonna party like it’s the 1990s, baby! Yes, we kinda took that line from Redlight’s “9TS (90s Baby).”

We have some good news for our Holy Ground campers. Waking up to good company, great food, and exceptional music is the start of a lovely day – especially at Mysteryland USA. This year we’ve enhanced the Camping Circus with *trumpet sound effect* The Breakfast Club! This pre-party will be hosted by ‘Saved By The 90s’ – a retro party concept curated by The Bayside Tigers. Since we’re down for a well-squeezed glass of OJ, sing-a-longs, and live music, we are thrilled to have the gang as special MLUSA curators.

The Bayside Tigers, comprised of Danny (guitar and vocals), Nat (drums and vocals), Raeya (vocals), Alex (bass and vocals), met at the Berklee College of Music. Their collective interest in music and desire to “keep the spirit of the 90s alive with a fun show” are the key ingredients to the birth of ‘Saved By The 90s.’ The band states, “We never take ourselves –or anything– too seriously. This is about a good energy and a fun vibe.” Their party is certainly a breath of fresh air. While we love bottle service (who doesn’t?), we like the laidback atmosphere of this ‘90s revival shindig. “We have a niche that is welcome to anybody. A lot of the New York music scene is about being in the know and staying ahead of the curve, but our party opens its arms to anybody,” TBT says. See! Their all-are-welcome disposition complements MLUSA oh so well. The quartet even stated that they want nomads to take away “euphoria and a sense of belonging” from their ‘Saved By The 90s’ experience. It doesn’t get any more Mysteryland than that. *wink*

Here are five other RAD niceties about The Bayside Tigers:

  1. Their favorite place to grab a bite in NYC is Nino’s Pizza. Yum!
  2. When asked about what they look forward to the most at MLUSA this year, their response was quite charming. TBT says, “We’re doing The Breakfast Club, so we want to say the mimosas; but in reality it is the eclectic and interesting people we’re going to party with and meet.”
  3. You might be surprised to know that these guys all have “day jobs.”
  4. They describe ‘Saved By The 90s’ as “high energy, low inhibition, hard rocking, [and] easy-minded fun.”
  5. Mr. Belding from Saved by the Bell partied with the group at one of their party nights.

Wanna get an idea of what ‘Saved By The 90s’ is all about? Huffington Postrecently featured a play-by-play of a reporter’s experience at the throwback dance party in NYC. Get an even better perspective of what to expect at ‘Saved By The 90s’ by attending MLUSA. Click here for tix. Heeey Macarena!