BangOn!NYC knows how to host an amazing time. That’s what attracted us to them (plus their good looks). The five year-old NYC event company produces themed nightlife events such as this ultra-cool 2015 NYE party.

Fortunate for us, no BangOn!NYC party is created equal. Well, the only dissimilar similarity is the amount of fun you’ll experience. Every event features a chock full of aural and visual candy – a mix of underground and renowned DJs, 3D mapped art, choreographed acrobatics, Burning Man-style art installations, and more. Of course, like any lovely relationship, we wanted to know what we were getting into. Here, we digitally chat with BangOn!NYC’s Brett Herman, Gene Bradley, Tim Monkiewicz, and Kelly Smith about putting some ‘bang’ into NYC night culture and this year’s MLUSA!

Where did it all begin for your party?  How did you get your start?

Brett: Almost seven years ago on a rooftop. The party was almost shut down due to reports of huge fireballs from the neighbors. From there we just keep trying to exceed ourselves every time.

Describe your party in five words.

Gene: Arouse your senses though adventure.

What does Woodstock ’69 mean to you?

Tim: It was a culmination [and] birthplace of many musical, social, perspectives on life that are important to me.  It may not be the very first festival, but it is the most remembered and celebrated one of all time; and every party and festival that came after owes something to Woodstock.  

What’s the best part about being in the BangOn!NYC family?

Kelly: It really is like a family. Almost everyone involved – visual artists, performers, build out and day-off staff – have come from personal friends [and] personal contacts. The creativity and work ethic that everyone brings to each event is inspiring. Whether they’ve been working with us for seven years or seven days, I think the collective vision is paramount for everyone. We all just want to make the most awesome events possible. Working around the clock for a month on something that will last about eight hours creates a special bond.

Brett: The feeling of collectively triumphing against the odds to elicit manic smiles and shrieks of joy. Being able to share and enjoy the fruits of our efforts with a family that is truly able to make magic happen.

What are your thoughts on the current New York City music scene?

Brett: There's always something amazing happening if you dig around, New York is the greatest creative city in the world. It's dismaying when artists follow trends rather than their own intuition, but unique voices are always heard above the crowd.

Where is your favorite place to grab a bite in New York?

Gene: I would have to say that i am a really big fan of roti roll in the West Village.

What was the craziest, funniest, and most bizarre thing that ever happened to you at one of your parties?

Kelly: It’s really difficult to pick one crazy, funny, or bizarre moment; but my favorite was during our Frequency party in March ’14. Tim was actually closing out that party as The Golden Pony and then Gene and Brett got on stage. It was such a proud moment to watch them enjoy the party together after working together for so many years under such stressful circumstances that they still really love doing this and that they’re still friends. Like a big “look how far we’ve come” moment. The vibe of that party was so great in general.

What’s one thing that fans would be surprised to know about your party?

Kelly: Everything we make and all the resources we gain get thrown back into the next event. It’s always about how to make the next one better, more dynamic, engaging. Money is great and all, but making sure people are having fun and experiencing something unique is the priority.

Which DJs and producers are on your radar at the moment?

Tim: Tchami, Kolombo, Odesza, Opiou, What So Not

Brett: Davvincii

Can you give us a hint about what you’re planning for Mysteryland USA 2015?

Gene: Through art that travels far, it comes to life when stationary. By the fire, this dance is silent.

Brett: Nightly themed parties. Stay tuned to our social and make sure you pack the right costumes! 

BangOn!NYC hooked us up with a Valentine's Day Mix from The [oh so suave] Golden Pony -  check it out here