Emi-Jay x MysteryLand Exclusive Hair Tie / Wristband Collaboration

In partnership with hair accessory and apparel label, Emi-Jay, we are ecstatic to present an exclusive line of Mysteryland USA hair ties. By “ecstatic” we mean we’re all wearing MLUSA x Emi-Jay hair ties (right this very second) with massive smiles on our faces. 

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Mysteryland culture has always embraced creative souls who contribute positivity and distinct style to the world. Whether the medium is a canvas board or in this case, an imported piece of fabric, we appreciate all visionaries. 

Julianne Goldmark and Emily Matson, the founding entrepreneurs behind Emi-Jay, started their label as teens over six years ago. Now, they’ve expanded into the world of clothing and are driven by curiosity. Julianne lives in LA and Emily – a NYC resident – is currently studying abroad in Paris. 
Proving our bohemian omnipresence, we were able to interview both designers in each time zone because…SKILLS! First, let’s travel over the Atlantic to beautiful Paris for Fashion Week before traversing to sunny California...


MLUSA: First off, how is life in Paris? Being in one of the world's fashion capitals I'm sure is an inspiring experience. 
Emily: Absolutely! Living in Paris is a dream come true for me. I’ve been visiting since I was eight years-old, but to live here has been on another level. Fashion Week is happening here right now and I can practically feel it in the air! Wherever I am, whether it's the fashion, art, architecture, or the impeccable way that people present themselves on a daily basis, I'm constantly inspired by living here.

MLUSA: Understandable. Well, 2015 is already proving to be a great year for you. Paris and the Mysteryland USA collaboration. We're so excited about working with you and Julianne. 
Emily: As are we! This is such a cool new thing for us – to work with a music festival and we can't wait! 

MLUSA: What particularly attracted you both to Mysteryland? Subsequently, how did this effect the creative process? 
Emily: I initially found out about Mysteryland through one of my friends from NYU, whose sister, Taylor, works with the festival. I was so excited and wanted to jump on the opportunity since, as previously mentioned, we've never really done anything in this realm. After I spoke to Taylor a bit, I realized that it would make the most sense to brand our hair ties in a way that spoke to the festival by using the Mysteryland logo - a perfect blend of fashion, music, art and all around creativity that is representative of what we stand for as a brand and what the festival is all about, too. 

MLUSA: Very cool. Well, this is such a nice intro between Emi-Jay and our nomads. We have a 'Women of Mysteryland' concept that showcases the unique style of our female guests. Hey, it gets hot with all that dancing - these hair ties are chic and practical! 
Emily: (Laughs) Exactly! It’s such a perfect tie in. No pun intended. 


MLUSA: We’re really excited about this collaboration. 
Julianne: I know! So are we. 

MLUSA: How did this come about? Did you both already have in mind what hair ties you wanted to create? Tell us all the details. 

Julianne: I know we wanted to incorporate the Mysteryland logo...It (hair tie) would kind of be a play on the classic logo that everybody recognizes. And having it on white is obviously good because everybody loves a white hair tie rather than the crazy colors. That’s kind of my take on it. I think it’s obviously most important that the logo is incorporated. I think it’s really cute and I love it. 

MLUSA: We will love them as well. 
Julianne: They’re really cute. 

MLUSA: You’re based in LA, but is Emily living in Paris now – or is she just on a trip? 
Julianne: So, Emily goes to NYU. She lives in New York and I go to school in LA. We’re both originally from LA, but she is actually studying abroad for a semester in Paris; which I’m so jealous of. She’s gonna be there for a few months actually.

MLUSA: Wow! We were trying to make the connection. So, that explains it. 
Julianne: (Laughs) I know! Everyone’s very curious about how half our Instagram is in LA and the other half is in Paris.

MLUSA: How does that work exactly? Even when Emily wasn’t in Paris, you both live on the opposite sides of the country. Do you conceptualize ideas then hop on a call each week? We’d love to hear about the creative process! 
Julianne: It’s definitely a little bit more complicated. I go back and forth from LA to New York every other month. When she was in New York, it was actually a little bit easier. So, the time difference wasn’t that big…We have a weekly Skype meeting with our marketing teams, our moms, and Emily [to] kind of go over everything so she’s still in the loop and knows what’s going on and doesn’t feel like she doesn’t know what’s going on. Then obviously we’re texting all of the time. I’ve waken up to so many texts from her in completely different time zones. So definitely a lot of phone communication and emails and all that kind of stuff. 

MLUSA: You definitely have a love for this and dedication obviously. That’s very cool of both of you! 
Julianne: For sure! 

MLUSA: You brought out a really good point earlier. You said you can never go wrong with a white hair tie. However, what would you say is a must-have wardrobe staple for festival season? 
Julianne: For the festival season, I’d say good headgear. You see everyone with their daisy headbands and flower headbands. Obviously having a hair tie is a necessity. I go to Coachella every year and I know I always go with my hair down. By the end of the night it always ends up up because it’s so hot and you don’t even want to deal with it. So, I’d definitely say a hair tie on your wrist. We actually have different prints and stuff that we designed especially for festival season. 


MLUSA: A big thing at Mysteryland are the costumes and outfits. We love when our guests express their own individual style. We even have a look book-esque concept called the “Women of Mysteryland.” So, tell us about your style. 

Julianne: I think my style changes depending on my mood. When I go to work, I’m typically in my yoga clothes or work-out clothes because I’m usually coming back from working out or going to work out afterwards. I love Nikes’, leggings, a cute jacket, and that kind of a thing. That’s kind of like my everyday outfit. During the winter – even though it’s not that cold in LA – I wear leather. I’m always wearing black, gray, or white. My mom always makes fun of me because I don’t really wear any color. Definitely a lot of leather jackets, more rough around the edges when it’s colder. I love t-shirts with holes in it, ripped jeans, boots, and that kind of a thing. In the summer, I like the more laidback look. I wear a lot of rompers, flowy dresses, skirts, and sandals, and that kind of a thing. I definitely don’t have just one style. I’m not, like, Boho. I can’t describe my style in one word. 

Emily: Our style has definitely evolved over the years. It's so funny to look back at what our inspiration was when we first started Emi-Jay about six years ago versus today. In terms of my personal style icons, I really admire the Olsen twins, Alexa Chung, and Sarah Jessica Parker to name a few. Although I wish I was a bit more adventurous in my personal style, my perfect look always consists of basic pieces with a twist. I always love to capitalize on accessories, while my clothes are in more neutral hues with classic silhouettes. I try to stay away from anything too trendy and invest in pieces I know I'll have forever and can mix and match! 

MLUSA: To wrap up, what's been your favorite part of Emi-Jay's evolution? 
Emily: Yes! Again that's something that really aligns with Emi-Jay, too. We started making one of a kind hair accessories out of Julianne's bedroom when we were in middle school, and now we're in college and Emi-Jay has evolved into a brand beyond hair accessories. We've ventured into apparel and are still very much interested in continuing to grow as entrepreneurs and individuals as well. That’s probably been the highlight for us!