Matt Lynch here recanting Electric Vibe's exclusive interview with Marlonfrom Bassjackers, live from TomorrowWorld 2015. Marlon is set to perform on one of the festivals's many diverse and uniquely engineered stages, shortly after our discussion. Let's find a dry spot and get to it! 

Photo Credit: | Marlon- BassJackers

Photo Credit: | Marlon- BassJackers

Matt: The relentless rainfall has caused some unpleasant, even hazardous conditions that have many attendees seeking shelter or unable to gain access to the stages. As fans, the weather is an uncontrollable factor that we must be aware of, but as an artist how does the weather impact you and your performance?

Marlon: Yeah, it's a shame that it's going to be difficult for people to get out here or they don't want to come out in the rain. You always try to give every show 100% and work with the crowd you have. Of course when I get off the plane and I see rain, I'm like, "Aw, I hope everybody will be there." My experience with shows, even when it's raining the people that come out, they party even harder because they just don't care. l.E. "The rain won't bother us, we're just going to go crazy." That's like, always try to see a positive, make the best of it. Yeah, that's all you can do, man. You don't control it.

Matt: Absolutely. Weather's something that you can't control, so you make the best of it. Great attitude on the situation, I wish more people shared.

Matt: Typically, (Bassjackers) as a group, you guys seem to have separate parts. Where one artist, you (Marlon), usually performs live, while your counterpart kind of hangs back and focuses mostly on the production. Correct?

Marlon: Yeah.                                                         

Matt: Would you say this arrangement is for the best or do you sometimes feel if maybe both of you were more involved in the live performances, that the energy would increase? That your crowd, your following would also increase if both of you were on stage performing? Or do you believe it makes no difference?

Marlon: When we started, we didn't know how it was going to be. I was DJing, Ralph was producing. We decided to work together, we were already friends. Ralph is not a stage person, he would literally tell you that he wouldn't have added value on stage. For him, he doesn't feel comfortable, it wouldn't look good either. I'm a DJ, he's a producer, and in our situation we both do what we're best at and what we love most. It's a very unique way of working, but for us it works really well.

Maybe the only downside you could say is Ralph has to sometimes see how the tracks go down. I'm the one that's giving all the feedback from a DJ perspective. Yeah, he sometimes comes out to shows and I'm not a producer but I will give my input in the studio. I will get back from tour and give my feedback and try to change tracks and Ralph will be behind the buttons. He's a producer, he loves producing, I'm a DJ, I love DJing, and that's Bassjackers. We work together really well, we've been doing this for a while and it works out for us.

Marlon: The music needs a DJ perspective. I'm the one that tests new stuff on stage and see how it goes down, then we go back to the studio and I'll give my input. When I'm in the studio, I hear like, "Oh, this is going to work or this is not going to work." I listen to music differently than Ralph does. He listens more from a technical perspective and more from a production standpoint while I try to create music for the crowd, like for festivals, for clubs. That's two different ways of listening to music and we have discussions about it. At the end, we have an end result we're both happy with, and that's a Bassjackers track.

Photo Credit:   E11EVEN  Miami, FL |  Marlon & Ralph- BassJackers

Photo Credit: E11EVEN Miami, FL | Marlon & Ralph- BassJackers

Matt: What works is what works and we can all agree it's working for Bassjackers. It's really insightful to hear in detail how you and Ralph complement each other, what goes into the music we hear.

Marlon: Same with live sets. I will play my live set, but Ralph will check it online and he'll be like, "Why did you play this track, or what was this transition?" He gives feedback on the DJing as well. What I'm doing on stage is representing the both of us, it's always Bassjackers.

Matt: That's a great partnership and that's exactly what is supposed to go on. Between you doing shows and him producing, what are your other hobbies or passions in your life? 

Marlon: It's hard to have a life besides this because this consumes all your time, but we both love video games, sports, like we play football, (soccer), and tried to surf. Just regular stuff, hanging with friends. The music, what we do is 24 hours a day almost, but when we do have time, you would catch us playing online shooters or something like that. Recently, we played out Destiny.

Matt: A first-person shooter game?

Marlon: Destiny is like this online shooter, trying to do missions in outer space, kind of addicted to it right now. We went to the release party for the new extension, which was pretty cool. I actually played a DJ set at the release party.

Matt: So are you guys gamers?

Marlon: Gamers, Well Ralph more than me. I don't really find the time to video game a lot anymore, but Ralph after a studio day, he will crawl behind in his gaming chair and shoot some aliens and shit.

Matt: That's pretty cool and always good to have multiple passions in life.

Matt: All right, well I think that's all the time we had. Thank you very much for speaking with us. I hope everyone reading has a better insight on what makes Bassjackers so special.

Marlon: Thank you too, man.

Matt: Obviously, we are excited for your set tonight. Can't wait to hear what you bring and Good luck.

Marlon: Yeah. I'm going to play some newsounds, so come out!

Matt: Okay, we will be there! Well there you have it, Bassjackers at TomorrowWorld 2015. The rain has obviously not dampened his spirits and we can only expect continuous energizing performances. Along with some exciting experimentation and collaboration within the studio, be on the lookout for the Bassjacker's sound. In conclusion, I would just like to remind everyone to forget the rain and always remember the music. 

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